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I'm not sure other than a small amount of flavor that this seems very psychic. One thing I'd suggest that would help with that and also make up for the now small number of maneuvers would be to let them take a few powers. Say pick up every odd level after first a power from either the psion/wilder list or the psychic warrior list. I'd suggest for maximum power levels known- 2nd level kicks in at level 7, 3rd level at level 13, and 4th level at level 17. This gives them a tiny bit of additional power making up for the lack of maneuvers if they plan it well and helps underscore the flavor. However, if you do this than Errant's comment about maybe reducing the pp total becomes more relevant.
I would disagree with your statement on the psionic fluff (mostly because I made the class, but whatever). The crystal blade ability is almost identical to the mind blade (although, granted, the mind blade is pretty fluffy). The battle psychic can make use of a psionic focus (something only psionic characters can have). Simply having power points (even just one) makes you a psionic character. This class just changes the use of power points. It's still a psionic class; you can take psionic feats, use powers from other classes, and gain a psionic focus.

I had considered giving them some powers, but It seemed too powerful. Now that they have fewer maneuvers, powers wouldn't really be out of the question. I agree that if they were to have powers, the power points should definitely be reduced, but not to psychic warrior levels. Even though the battle psychic would have fewer (and cheaper) powers, they would have to share those power points with maneuver recovery. I'm sure a happy medium could be worked out, but I'd rather increase the number of maneuvers known instead.

If powers were to be included, your progression seems good.