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First, let me say that I really don't care for Psionics. Though I think the fluff is great something about it just sticks me the wrong way. As it is I like this class a lot based on the flavor value. I do however think you could either give it a full BAB progression, or up the known manuvers to make the crunch match the flavor.

On a purely flavor note, I love the though of the focus crystal perhaps having been fashioned as an elaborate Bracelet, inset peice of a bracer or into the back of the characters gloves. Then when the blade is needed it can "grow" out of the given item and form the shape becessary. :) Meh, it just sounds cool to me in my head :)
Even though it uses power points, it doesn't use any powers, removing one gripe many people have. But it is still psionic, and thus open to possible breaking. But isn't everything?

I chose to up the maneuvers. You caught the class in a state of limbo. I had meant to increase them earlier, but things got away from me.

On the crystal blade: That was exactly my idea.