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    *pokes people*

    Come on, let's share some scry results and try to make sense of this. The private-message strategy doesn't seem to be working as well as I had hoped.

    I PM'd Yspoch yesterday and told him I had scried him as the insane cop, and that I thus believed myself to be the naive cop. He responded by telling me that he had scried easyname as mafia.
    Of course, the truth is that I actually had scried Yspoch as mafia as well but told him something different at first to hopefully gather more interesting replies. This works often enough.

    Therefore, we know this already:
    1. I can be any role but the naive cop (else I would've scried Yspoch as innocent).
    2. Yspoch can be any role but the naive cop (else he would've scried easyname as innocent). He also can't be the paranoid cop.
    After all, if he was the paranoid cop, then I would be either the insane cop or the normal cop. But if I were insane and he'd be paranoid, I would've scried him as naive. And if I were the normal cop and he were paranoid, I would've scried him as such, and not as mafia.

    easyname, earpain and Shadowcaller - who did you scry as what?

    We have the following claims so far:

    - Freshmeat: scried Yspoch as Mafia
    - Yspoch: scried easyname as Mafia
    - Shadowcaller: scried Yspoch as Mafia
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