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    Default Monster Compendium for the maligned, forgotten & misunderstood monsters

    This thread gets resurrected once in a while, when i add an entry for a creature. the purpose of this thread is to take often disregarded monsters- monsters who didn't catch the imagination, were too simple, too complex, lacked a coherent consistency, or weren't "game worthy" for whatever reason, (long sentence, taking a breath) and give them a makeover in a way that will enliven the interest in them, give them a boost at the gaming table, and make them viable options for DMs everywhere. this is not Homebrew! the focus is on fluff, (though some crunch is in here as well) functions in the world, and interactions. try it- you might like it.

    the first post gives the explanation and the contents, the second gives a basic format to whomever would like to contribute themselves, and the rest are the monster entries.

    the rest of this post (other than the contents) is mostly ramblings. if you're interested in the monsters however (as well you should be) than go, explore, read and hopefully like what others and me have written. just don't forget to write your comments, ideas, and words of encouragement (highly important, and appreciable!) later on...

    (all updates to content and otherwise will detailed here, on this first post)

    0) opening statements, updates and content, and the basic format.

    1) the Stirge: the pincher, the stinger, your favorite blood drinker! here

    2) the Stone Giant: it's all about the community. (Thunder Clap variant included) part 1, part 2

    3) the Barghest: by the Wolf, the Goblin and the unholy spirit! (includes a most unique PrC...) part 1, part 2

    4) the Gargoyle: more than a roof top decoration (multiple variants included) part 1, part 2

    5) The Serpent Lords: "how do you like your magic poison, you son of a dragon?" (remake of Nagas and Couatl. several variants included) part 1, part 2

    6) the Yeth Hound: by Prometheus here

    7) the Wight: by batsofchaos here

    8) the Troglodyte: "more than a case of bad odor" here

    9) the Hydra: "because 12 heads are better than one!" part 1, part 2

    10) the Aranea: "oh what a tangled web we weave" part 1, part 2

    11) Hags: "more than just a pretty face" part 1, part 2

    12) Gibbering Mouther: the flesh that slides, the teeth that gnash, the horror behind the jabber... the horror. part 1, part 2

    - added the gibbering mouther
    - if you have any ideas, but don't have the time or inclination to write an entry, tell me about your ideas, and i'll try to expand on it, and bring it to life.

    the purposes of this thread: (read only if interested)
    1) to spark a new interests in the monsters presented here, give them a new fighting chance at your gaming group.
    2) to promote creativity and ingenuity concerning the use of monsters. moving them from the mere "encounter" level, to the adventure, plot, and campaign levels.
    3) to unite all these kind of threads under one roof, so that DMs may have the full (so far limited) range of these monsters to draw inspiration from, instead of just a single monster on a rapidly vanishing thread).

    the monster entries are suggestions, not hard rules. it's the way we perceive them, and imagine might be the most fun to play. the entries encompass many areas, and are usually quite encompassing (unlike the monster entries in the MM), though most of this refer to Fluff, rather than Crunch (though there are also game mechanics suggestions). i do believe that this Compendium will hold true even for 4th Ed since the entries here relate to far more "universal" things than battle drills and rules.

    for those of you who wish to contribute, please do (writing this entries his time consuming for me alone). the second post includes a sample format for you to use, but as with everything here, it is only a suggestion. feel free to work your own magic.

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