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    Default Re: Monster Compedium for the maligned, forgotten & misunderstood monsters

    This post is for those of you who would like to contribute. If you're just interested in the monsters, move to the next posts.

    The following format is very loose, and have served me well, but it is but a recommendation. I urge you to do what best fits your creative style, and your monster.


    Basic format
    (Suggested only, feel free to alter it to your tastes and needs)

    Monster's name and source: Self explanatory

    Bad street rep: Whatever caused your chosen monster to be exiled from the common D&D table & made it less playable.

    I care for it because: This is mostly to add some personal touch, and a bit of your own story of why you chose to pick the monster by the shoulders (or other appropriate appendages), shake it up, give it a thorough make over and send it to the world!

    "And now, presenting to you the new and improved <insert name here>!: This part is all about the changes you made, big and small, to make your loved creature a more fun creature to play. There are too many options, but I'll suggest some sample areas and issues you may wish to address:

    - Role: Perhaps you noticed a new way to look upon the creature? A new twist? Basically- what role, from the DM's perspective, will the monster fit now?

    - Concept: What the monster is all about, the signature moves, the theme, the atmosphere. What makes it unique. Try to think how would you have summarized the monster in a short manner.

    - Their place in the world: Many monsters don't get to participate because a DM can't fathom why a monster should be there, what it should be doing, and so on. By integrating a creature in the setting, giving it an exact role in it's surrounding, it may become a viable choice. It adds depth and realism to the creature's existence, as well as many ways it could be integrated. The creature becomes more alive, and far better than a randomly placed monster... (This is usually a major part of the creature's entry)

    - Interactions: Similar to the previous issue- creatures do more than fight adventurers. What are their life cycles? What creatures do they compete with? Who do they feed upon? (And how do they hunt) Who feeds upon them? (And how do they avoid that) Does any creature rely on them? Use them? Domesticate them? Do the creature show similar relations with other creatures? How do they deal with unknown threats? (Such as adventurers) All of this is to add more playable scenarios and possibilities, as well as add even more life to the creature.

    - Game mechanics: Any additions or alterations you want to make: The reason for the change, it's use, and how it makes the critter better! Feel free to suggest variations for gaming styles, campaign worlds and so on. (This can be simple, or complex, depending on your concept and preferences)

    - Mysteries and the unknown: What's a game without mysteries? This part includes all kind of obscure knowledge, odd behaviors and things that are not yet well understood about it. Many times the exceptional speaks volumes of the the non exceptional (Sahuagin with 4 arms, ogre mages versus ogres, and more). This also provides nice hooks, adventure ideas, and a source for knowledge checks (Feel free to add the DCs if you wish). Another dimension of the evolving creature.

    "Playing, at a D&D table near YOU!"
    All of the above is nice, but how does that translates into play? Well, here you suggest some sample encounters your creature can be used in. There in no better way to explain your concept then by a good example, so make it exciting! Make it intriguing! Make it turn our heads! Remember- it's your monster's new premiere and there are a lot of DMs out there, just looking for a good idea. This could be your creature's dream gig!

    In conclusion: The partying words, summing it up... This could also be an excellent place to suggest further ideas, or ask others about specific features.
    - end of format -
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