We've only got limited time left, so it might be best to start pointing already. Easyname and Earpain might not reply in time, so we probably won't be able to take a fully informed decision here.

Lynching someone at this point is always a good thing. Whether we lynch someone today or not won't make a difference for the mafia, since he still wins after surviving for two days. So we might just as well kill someone and try to gather some more information.

I say we lynch Shadowcaller.

I (paranoid) scried Yspoch (insane) as mafia.
Yspoch (insane) scried easyname (cop) as mafia.
easyname (cop) scried Yspoch as insane.
Shadowcaller scries Yspoch as insane? That doesn't make sense. Where does he fit in?

Shadowcaller is mafia: obviously good
Shadowcaller is naive: impossible after his claim
Shadowcaller is insane: Yspoch is the cop, easyname is mafia
Shadowcaller is the cop: Yspoch is mafia
Shadowcaller is paranoid: far more interesting. This requires a bit more typing up. Due to time constraints it might be a good idea to vote already.