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From my perspective, it's really easy:
  • I know I'm not the mafia
  • I can't be naive
  • I can't be paranoid
  • If I were insane, then my scry of painintheear being naive would mean that he was paranoid (which is impossible). Besides, if I were insane, and if you and easyname supposedly both scry eachother as insane, then one of you would already have to be insane, since one of you would have to be the cop. So I can't be insane either.
  • As a result of the above, I know I am the normal cop.

If I were mafia, why detail an entire plan that would win us the game? Why go to such lengths to lynch someone if it'd only be to my disadvantage? I think my case is a lot stronger than yours here.
Yes, why indeed? Perhaps because it does not win "us" the game, but you? Everybody knows that you're one of the smartest players around here and that such a small game like this can't be won by inactivity and sitting it out. So you decided perhaps to go into full-mode-attack and control the game directly from the start.

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I fail to see where your claim at my alleged 'suspicious behaviour' is coming from. It's quite interesting actually, because I recall you being online earlier today, yet not voting to lynch SC...
Had SC not died, where would we be now? Nowhere. We'd have learned absolutely nothing. If I could easily fake being offline until Demonking would update the day actions, why get involved and shoot myself in the foot? It wouldn't make any sense at all.
Again, you like being active and not reactive. As far as i know a single vote would have sufficed to lynch someone. So you went ahead and lynched someone who would fit your plan. If I really would be the mafia don't you think I would have grabbed the opportunity to point at someone and try to look innocent?

Besides, I'm often online and reading new posts, but I sometimes can't just write an answer right away. If I would try to be sneaky I'd just hide my on/offline status.

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You played in Dethy I. You know cops can scry at night.
Also, I now have worked out the only eventuality I was still worried about: why did easyname (insane) scry you (mafia) as insane, rather than as a cop?
The answer can be found in the Dethy I thread as well.
The insane cop scries mafia as insane.
What!? I know no such thing! Why should cops allowed to scry at night? What sense would that make?
I think you just made one of your (admittedly seldom) errors by just going on with the next day without waiting for Emperor Demonkings "End-of-night"-Post.

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This confirms that I am the cop, painintheear is naive, easyname is insane and you are mafia.
Trying to sound matter-of-factly (is that a word? ) will not make me to trust your every word. And I sure hope that's true for easyname and painintheear too.

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If easyname scries me tonight, he'll get the mafia result (this is the most reliable course of action at this point, since neither of us are questioning easyname being the insane cop, now are we?)
If easyname scries painintheear tonight, he'll get the paranoid cop result.
Both are facts.

If painintheear scries anyone, he'll get an innocent result.
That's also a fact.
No, it's not a fact. You would like it to be a fact.

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It wasn't meant to be trustbuilding. That's a fool's game.

I only needed you to make a mistake, and you did.
This game is over the moment easyname sees this thread and scries me.
What, I made a mistake by lying to the mafia member?

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How awfully convenient.
Let's see... if you supposedly knew this information all along, how come you didn't kill easyname right away after he claimed to have scried you as the insane cop? Simple. You didn't scry anyone at all.
Why should I? That's even more crazy talk from you. I scried Shadowcaller as insane and easyname scried me as insane.

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The truth is, Yspoch, it doesn't matter.
At this point, if the mafia kills anyone, everything will fall into place and we'll see who's telling the truth and who isn't.

And if the mafia doesn't kill anyone, we simply don't lynch anyone either and just scry people until everyone is convinced of his own and eachother's roles.
Where the second option would suit you best, wouldn't it? Allow me to quote:

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Whether we lynch someone today or not won't make a difference for the mafia, since he still wins after surviving for two days.
Easyname and Painintheear, I'm sure you see what Freshmeat is trying to pull of here. We made it a bit to easy for him with nobody scrying him and all.

But we can still win!