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    Default Re: Monster Compedium for the maligned, forgotten & misunderstood monsters

    due to a recent suggestion, i've decided to try something new: i understand that though many have you may have good ideas, you lack the time or inclination to write an entry down.

    so, why not let me do it for you? tell me of your ideas (either by posting them here, or by sending me a private message), and i'll try and expand on those core ideas, and make them into a full entry, mentioning you of course.

    some points i'd like to make about this:
    - when sending me an idea, don't just mention a monster. try to detail at least a few things you want it to be revamped, and how- i need some core/ seed ideas to start from.
    - the most importent thing is the new "concept and perception" parts, since from them i can usually deduct the rest.
    - the creature must be "maligned, forgotten or misunderstood". i won't expand on red dragons or mind flayers for example, since they make their appearances on many a game.
    - bear in mind that it might take me some time to write an entry, and that in some cases i won't have enough ideas to write a worthy one. so be patient, and understand if i say i'm stumped for ideas (i will at least send you a private message to let you know)
    - i still would love to see your own entries, since a person's style adds a lot to a post, IMO at least. besides, it might encourage others. so if you can write an entry, please do. we'd like to see your works.

    that is all i have. now lets see the talents ("American Monster"?), getting ready to work,
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