Do you think it's wrong to use Charm Person on someone just so they will like you? You're not necessarily using it so that you can have them do something for you, but just so you feel more popular.

I mean, in a high school teen comedy sort of way, I can see it happen. The nerdy wizard guy who spends all of his time studying and getting picked on by the fighter and barbarian jocks. Then, one day, the wizard figures out how to cast "charm person" and various other spells that make them irresistable to the CHA 17 cheerleading bards.

Suddenly, they start going around charming every person that they think are popular in school, and try to make themselves feel better about themselves.

Is that wrong? IS THAT REALLY THAT TERRIBLE? I JUST WANT TO BE LIKED DAMMIT! WHY WON'T PEOPLE LIKE ME!?!?... err... I mean, him, why don't people like "him"...