Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. I like your suggestions. I think "Boots of Peace" sounds better than "Boots of Preparation," so I'll change that. I'll also add some immunities to the Boots and the Shield, and I like the idea of making the Aura of Good much stronger with seven pieces.

Regarding the Helmet, the requirement to be on a mission starts the first moment he puts on the Helmet while he has the Blessing of Heironeous. Generally, until he goes to his final reward or loses the Blessing, the Champion must be on a mission as described. The Champion can appeal directly to Heironeous for a sabbatical, but the length of the hiatus must be defined precisely when the request is submitted, and the reasons for the sabbatical must be compelling and logical. A family man desiring six months break to help raise his newborn son would probably be granted a sabbatical unless he was on a mission of great urgency, but someone who wanted to take some time off to focus on his basket-weaving hobby would not be.