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    I hate to keep this argument going, but I think I might have a way to deal with the problem SS was talking about, with summoning being too accessible. My answer is mostly through flavor. That was why FFX didn't have packs of summoners: the flavor of the world didn't have that. My idea is that, in addition to having to deal with multiclassing to get summoning, adding a flavor-based restriction to just the Summon ability. Yuna seems to have spent a fair amount of time as an apprentice summoner, learning Yevon's teachings and such, much like Divinity School (but with something way cooler than a diploma when you graduate). So maybe say that, if a character is multiclassing into the Summoner class, they must spend some large amount of game time, maybe a game year or so, learning a whole lot of stuff that really just isn't going to provide any benefit. If they skip out on this, they can keep multiclassing in the Summoner class, but they don't gain the Summon ability. They can get all of Yuna's spells, but until they spend a large chunk of time learning about Yevon, they can't summon an aeon. A character who is a summoner from the start is assumed to have gotten this out of the way as part of becoming a 1st-level summoner.
    That would keep a character of a different class who gained a level in Besaid from deciding to gain his new level in summoner, running to the cloister, and grabbing Valefor, as SS was describing. Only the devout can become complete summoners; everyone else has to settle for white mage.
    Hopefully that all made sense and seemed like a good control to keep summoners from overrunning the world.
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