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    Daern's instant shield
    Material: Steel
    Profiency: Light shield
    AC Bonus/Check Penalty/Weight: +2/0/6lb
    Rarity: Rare. Daern made only a few of them.
    Creation: Only Daern knows how to create them.
    Use: Fighters use these shields because they are easy to carry around. Assassins trained in shields use them because they are easy to hide.
    The thief ran down the street, followed by the guards. The guards leader shouted something the thief couldn't hear, but he looked back over his shoulder and saw one of the guards firing a crossbow. With a single word, the bracelet on his arm became a shield, and with a loud "Clang", the bolt aimed at him was reflected by the shield.

    A Daern's instant shield is a bracelet, that with a command word grows to become a +1 light steel shield. In the bracelet form is the Daern's instant shield a normal bracelet made of steel.
    In the shield form is the Daern's instant shield a steel shield with some runes along the edge.

    To activate the Daern's instant shield, a command word written on the inside of the bracelet must be spoken. Then the command word is spoken grows the bracelet to become a +1 light steel shield.
    Speaking the command word again lets the shield become a bracelet again.
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