Sometimes I almost forget how it all began. Who knows whether it was just chance or if it was fate that we all happened to be in that tavern (what was its name again? the Black Bat?) that night.

It must have been mid Elient, since it was only a tenday before Highharvestide as I recall, back (could it really have been that long ago?) in the Year of the Firedrake (713DR).

I can't really remember what brought each of us individually to Hlondeth in general and the Black Bat in particular. I often wonder what different path my life would have taken if I had just decided to spend the evening in a different pub that night...

It is just another night in Hlondeth, the City of Serpents. You find yourself in another forgettable tavern, having a light supper and relaxing by the hearth. The barkeep has announced last call, and the fire is dying down. Only you and three other adventurers, each sitting alone and lost in his own thoughts, are left in the tavern.

You are just getting ready to pick up and head out into the night when the front door crashes open and a desperate robed figure plunges into the room. He is completely bald and dressed in a fine yellow cassock. There is fresh cut on his scalp, and the blood has run down the left side of his face and stained the collar of his robe crimson.

He bolts the door then turns wild-eyed to the five of you (including the barkeep) in the room, "By the gods, please help me! We need light! More light!"

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