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    The Gridolls are a race of strange, swamp-dwelling, frog-like humanoids reputed for they huge appetites and limited wit. They live to eat and fill themselves, ever hungry for exotic tastes and games.

    Personality: ''You are what you eat'' defines the life of a Gridoll. Knowledge, power and personal growth can be attained by eating and discovering new types of food. Gridolls often go out of their way to hunt a meal they previously found delicious, tracking it over the land and sea. Few of these delicious targets manage to live for more than a week after a hunt has started. They have limited attention spans and wit, somehow focusing only on subjects "that matters" in the immediate. Despite not being outright stupid, Gridolls wonít try to understand what is beyond their own limits, ignoring facts and realities that don't suit their present goal. No mortal beings can stop them in their tracks, so driven and pig-headed they are. They are grounded in reality and are not impaired by the chaos around them or dramatic events.
    Physical Description: Gridolls are tall, bulky humanoids toads with a pale, milky light-green skin. Their body is covered a rubbery skin over strong muscles and healthy fat, almost featureless save for soft, darker warts around their head, wrists and feet. Their round belly makes up most of their body mass, their most powerful asset. Gridolls have bulbous heads and short, stumpy legs, which generally make them 6'5" tall. Their long, lanky arms hang to the sides of their body when left unattended. The Gridolls faces are commonly described as "a gross, frog face with a pair haunting eyes of sky-blue schleras and white irises. The skin around those form bright blue vertical lines, not unlike a clown's face painting. They have a wound-like mouth going side to side, gifted with a tongue thicker than a man's arm." On their back grows a stubby tail, a vestigial limb without any use. They favor brightly coloured clothes and leatherwork, and usually weigh about 500 pounds, 600 lbs after dinner. Gridolls are not sexually dimorphic, so no one except another Gridoll can identify one's sex, through scent.
    Relations: The Gridolls are truly alien beings, uncaring about ''civilised'' peoples and their bias against cannibalism. Other races might consider them as dumb as orcs, but anyone who travels in their marshes without any bad intentions is sure to find a lifelong ally, as long as he agrees to help on their current goal in life. In return, the Gridolls will share their newfound ally's burden, loyal to a fault. Anyone else is a possible meal, especially if that person (Or thing) proves itself annoying enough. Humans and halflings are sometimes drawn to the marshes for a job or establish a trade deal with Lizardfolks, and many encountered Gridolls when they strayed too far from the road. Those few groups who managed to be helpful enough not to be eaten got help. Dwarves and gnomes have troubles understanding the Gridolls, both living way too far to even know about them directly. Beside, the Races of Stone find them either too self-centered, or are ashamed by how humor fails to touch them. Elves, as the tradition, couldn't care less.
    Lizardfolk, who share the Gridoll's territories, are wary of their terrible hunger and try to keep peace with the Gridoll at all time. The Lizardfolk probably wouldn't have any problem defeating them through sheer strength of numbers, but they all share a deep fear of the "Great Mouths"..
    Alignment: Gridolls are somewhat focused, loyal friends without regards to earthly laws. They are neutral to the Law/Chaos Axis but are much more inclined to help than to harm others.(Unless those are potential meals, which include some sentient beings!)
    Lands: Gridolls naturally dwell in deep marshes and swamps, stinky natural traps for the unwary taveller. If far from home, they are attracted to highly humid locations, such as waterfall caves and under bridges.
    Settlemments: Gridoll structures are extremely simple, rarely more elaborate than mud and wood huts. In areas richer of wood, they often build houses on stilts and small villages.
    Power Groups: Gridolls lack any organised social structure, beyond the rare existing villages that grew to distinction. They consider themselves equals and brothers, so dislike one to rule among them.
    Beliefs: Gridolls all pay lip-service to an obscure toad-god of feasts they call Bahk-Us. He is believed to be blessed with a tongue capable to reach any point in the multiverse, preventing him from having to hunt or track the object of his hunger. He lies in the Beastland, forever resting in an abandoned crater, his bones crushed by his own weight. All Gridolls, while awed by his gifted tongue and easy existence, actively hunt and live their lives to the fullest, believing that Bahk-Us' greatest teaching is his example of a being wasted by its own hunger.
    Language: Gridolls all speak a bastardised Common, lacking any personal pronouns, as well as Aquan. Bonus Languages: Orc, Goblin, Terran.
    Names: Gridolls choose their own names as they grow up. Since they always designate themselves through these there name rather than using a pronoun in conversation, they consider the selection of a name to be especially personal and important. Also, they care little for blood bonds, and consider each and every Gridoll as a brother, so they lack family names ad lineage identifications.
    Male Names: Qued, Silva, Bladir, Sughlir.
    Female Names: Flidi, Quina, Blithin, Velkir.
    Family Names: None.
    Adventurers: Gridolls live to hunt and feed, and many take up the bow and don the armor to accomplish their life-goal. Some odd souls among them consider gold or power to be just as apetising, but most expect to eat that dragon everyone's afraid of.

    Gridoll Racial Traits
    * +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -4 Charisma: Gridolls are tough beings but poor thinkers and miserable leaders.
    * Monstrous Humanoids (Reptilians): Gridolls arenít affected by Charm Monster and other Humanoid-Effective spells.
    * Size: As Medium creatures, Gridolls have no special bonuses of penalties due to their size.
    * Gridoll land speed is 20 feet, and they have a 10 feet swim speed. Gridolls gains a +8 racial bonus on any Swim check to perform a special action or avoid a hazard. They always can choose to take 10 on a Swim check, even if distracted or endangered when swimming. A Gridoll can use the run action while swimming, provided that it swims in a straight line.
    * Natural Attack (Tongue): A Gridoll has a slam attack using its tongue that deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage. It has a special 10ft reach, but does not threaten creatures. (Gridolls may not make Attacks of Opportunity with their tongues)
    When the Gridoll strike in combat with his tongue, the victim must make a reflex save(DC: 10+ Damage Dealt) or get the tongue glued in the wound. The victim can only move at half-speed and cannot charge if it fails. An glued creature must make a Concentration check to cast a spell(A Gridollís tongue damage qualifies as ongoing damage.).
    If the Gridoll stick his tongue out of his threatened area, he may make an opposed strength check against his opponent as a move action. The largest of the two contestants gain a +4 bonus on this check per size larger than the other. If he makes it, the glued creature may not move beyond the length of the reach. A Gridoll may drag an opponent by one feet per point he wins the strength check, to the closest range increment.
    A glued victim may pull the tongue off it with his two hands in a full-round action which triggers attacks of opportunity and deals damage equal to the tongue's. A Gridoll may pull it without causing further damage as a free action.
    A Gridoll may fight without trouble when he glued his tongue to his opponent, except that he may only move within his tongue's length unless he succeed on a strength check, as explained before.
    A Gridoll's tongue can be cut off. To sever it, an opponent must make a successful sunder attempt with a slashing weapon. (The player should declare where the attack is aimed before making the attack roll.) Making a sunder attempt provokes an attack of opportunity unless the foe has the Improved Sunder feat. An opponent can strike at a Gridoll's tongue from any position in which he could strike at the Gridoll itself or the victim glued to it. An opponent can ready an action to attempt to sunder a Gridoll's tongue when the creature slam at him. A Gridoll's tongue has hit points equal to the Gridoll's largest hit dice, maxed plus his Constitution Bonus and level. Losing his tongue deals damage to the body equal to half the tongue's full normal hit points. A natural reflex seals the neck shut to prevent further blood loss. A Gridoll can no longer attack with a severed tongue, and suffer a 25% chance to fail to cast any spell with a verbal component or to activate an object with a command word, but takes no other penalties.
    * Balloon Lungs: Gridolls may hold their breath for 4 times their Constitution score and never risk being underwater by failing a Swim check by 5 or more, as they float naturally.
    * Improved Grab: To use this ability, a Gridoll must hit with a tongue attack or have already glued it to a threatened foe. It can then attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity.
    * Wide Girth: The physical stature of Gridolls let them function as if they were one size category larger when wrestling. Whenever a Gridoll is subject to a size modifier or special size modifier for an opposed check (such as during grapple checks, bull rush attempts, and trip attempts), the Gridoll is treated as one size larger if doing so is advantageous to him. A Gridoll is also considered to be one size larger when determining whether a creatureís special attacks based on size (such as improved grab or swallow whole) can affect him, as well as wether his own special attacks can affect other creatures. However, his space and reach remain those of a creature of his actual size. The benefits of this racial trait stack with the effects of powers, abilities, and spells that change the subjectís size category.
    * Gourmandís Assets: Gridolls have the Scent and Swallow Whole special abilities. They can only swallow a pinned opponent of a smaller size. Swallowed creatures must make a Fortitude save against a contact poison (DC: 10+ĹQuís Hit Dices+Con Bonus, damage sleep 2 hours) every round. If the swallowed creature resist the poison for a number of rounds equal to the Gridollís Constitution bonus, or if it manage to deal slashing/piercing damage to the stomach, the Gridoll throw it up. If the swallowed creature fails to make its save, the stomach start crushing the victim, dealing damage equal to a tongue slam every minute. The Gridoll becomes fatigued until it rests to digest its victim if it is as large as him (He can swallow creatures of his base size thanks to Wide Girth, but is fatigued if doing so). While digesting a creature, a Gridoll may not use its tongue attack.
    * Limb Regeneration: When using Complete Bed Rest, a Gridoll is affected by a Regenerate effect taking 24 hours to complete itself. He does not gain additional hit points, but regenerate all his lost limbs back. If his sleep is interupted, he must start all over again, as the limb isn't fully formed and functional. This is an Extraordinary effect.
    * Natural Armor +1: Gridolls have a thick, rubbery skin that withstand cuts and bruises.
    * Strong Stomach: Gridolls +4 to saves against ingested poisons and gain nourishment from everything they eat.
    * Skills: +2 Balance.
    * Automatic Language: Common and Aquan. Bonus Languages: Orc, Goblin, Terran.
    * Favored Class: Ranger
    * Level Adjustment: +2

    Age, Height and Weight.

    Adulthood: 13 Years old.
    Simple Classes: +1d4
    Moderate Classes: +1d6
    Complex Classes: +2d6

    Height: 6'8'' +2d6"
    Weight: 450 lbs. * (2d6+8/5 lbs.)

    Middle Age: 30 Years Old.
    Old: 55 Years Old.
    Venerable: 80 Years Old.
    Maximum Age: +2d20.

    Gridoll Feats
    For every two Gridoll feats your character has, your natural armor goes up by one.

    Iron Gullet [Gridoll]
    Every respectable Gridoll trains his stomach to withstand damage from uncompliant meals.
    Prerequisites:Con 15
    Benefits:You don't throw up swallowed foes if they deal you damage or resist your sleep poison, and digesting does not forbid you to use your tongue slam. To escape, a swallowed creature can cut its way out by using a light slashing or piercing weapon to deal damage equal to the Gridoll's largest hit dice, maxed plus his Constitution Bonus and level to the gizzard (AC 10 + 1/2 Natural Armor). Once the creature exits, muscular action closes the hole; another swallowed opponent must cut its own way out.

    Heartburn [Gridoll]
    Another thing to remember, students, is that a Gridoll's stomach, in reality, is extremely comfy. Beside the occasional crushing by the beast's tongue and spasms of the organs around, you should be fine for a while. Except if he has heartburns. If so I pray for your souls.
    Prerequisites:Con 15, Iron Bladder, Endurance.
    Benefits:You deal crushing damage to swallowed victims once per round, an deal an additional dice of acid damage plus one per size category you are over medium.
    Normal:You try to stay away from mexican food, and deal crushing damage to swallowed creatures only once per minute.

    Nibblon's Guts [Gridoll]
    You have awakened the hidden magic of Gridolls. Your stomach has become an extradimensional space, able to accomodate meals of ridiculous size.
    Prerequisites:Con 17, Gape of the Serpent, Iron Bladder, BAB +10
    Benefits:You may now swallow creatures of any size without trouble, provided you manage to make the grapple checks. You may digest any number of creatures, and they do not fatigue you no mather their size category.
    Normal:There is a limit on size and quantity of creatures that can be swallowed.
    Special: Your feces, from now, are little black beads of incredible weight and durability (50 HP, Hardness 30). They are no larger than a regular pearl, and disintegrates over a week.

    Rich Diet [Gridoll]
    Through a week of feeding, sleeping and meditation, some Gridolls manage to grow beyond their brothers in size and might.
    Prerequisites:Con 15, Gape of the Serpent, Iron Bladder, Must have digested a 10 HD equivalent of creatures of its own size.
    Benefits:You grow up one size category. Your tongue's reach grows along with your regular one. Your characteristics do not follow the regular bonuses from growth: Str +2, Dex -2, Con +2, and your natural armor grows by 1 points.
    Normal: Obesity does not change your size category.
    Special:This feat may be taken multiple times. Each time, the Constitution prerequisite goes up by 6 points, and you must ingest 10 more HD equivalent of creatures of its own size than the last time.

    Walking Moldy Hill [Gridoll]
    Gridolls share many characteristics with various reptiles. One few ever develop is discretion, a rare feat for obese frogs.
    Prerequisites:Hide 8 ranks.
    Benefits:By staying immobile for a full minute, your hide and clothes' colors blend into the environment, giving you a +10 racial bonus to Hide checks.

    What a Fat Gargoyle! [Gridoll]
    How did you manage to miss a giant running frog-men?!
    Prerequisites:Hide 13 ranks, Walking Moldy Hill.
    Benefits:You may use your Walking Moldy Hill feat as a full-round action.

    Keradum Lord [Gridoll]
    Students, Keradum Lords are larger Gridolls that have undergone another horrible transformation, this time proving their power as an alpha individual. These terrible individuals grow a strangely flexible turtle shell, as well as an irrational hatred for plumbers and princesses.
    Prerequisites:Con 15, Rich Diet.
    Benefits:You grow a shell, providing you with a +8 Armor Bonus to AC, but are considered wearing medium armor for the purpose of class abilities. Your Max Dex Bonus is now +3, and suffer a -3 penalty to all skills armor penalty affect. The Keradum Lord may choose to use use Total Defense as a full-round action instead of a standard action, gaining Total Cover in the process, but does not protect from touch spells. (The shell and body are linked, so act as an extension of the body.) While in such a position, you are prone and suffer half damage from falls.Keradum Lords may not wear armor or robes.Among their kin, they get a +2 bonus to Charisma checks and Charisma-related skills.

    Example NPC

    CE Huge Gridoll Ranger 12
    Init +0, Senses: Listen +19, Spot +24, Scent
    Languages Common, Aquan
    AC 25, touch 11, flat-footed 25 (Size -2, Natural Armor +6, Armor +8, Parade +3)
    hp 138 (12 HD)
    Fort +20, Ref +13, Will +13
    Evasion, Strong Stomach, Acid Rsistance 10
    Speed 20 ft. (4 squares), Swim 10 ft. (2 squares)
    Melee Tongue +18 (1d8+6)
    Ranged Huge Wounding Composite Longbow +15 (3d6+9, 1 Con)
    Base Atk +12, Grp +20
    Atk Options Favored Enemy (Dragons) +4, Favored Enemy (Animals) +4, Favored Enemy (Reptilians) +2, Gourmandís Assets, Improved Grab
    Combat Gear Huge Wounding Composite Longbow +3 (Str 6)
    Abilities Str 22, Dex 10, Con 24, Int 10, Wis 19, Cha 9
    SQ Balloon Lungs, Evasion, Limb Regeneration, Strong Stomach, Swift Tracker, Wide Girth, Wild Empathy +11, Woodland Stride
    Feats Endurance, Gape of the Serpent, Iron Bladder, Heartburns, Keradum Lord, Nibblonís Guts, Rich Diet (2), Track, Walking Moldy Hill
    Skills Balance +4, Handle Animal +0, Hide +12, Listen +19, Move Silently +12, Spot +24, Survival +19, Swim +13
    Possessions Cloak of Elvenkind/Resistance +4, Ring of Acid Resistance (Minor), Eyes of the Eagle, Periapt of Wisdom +6, Ring of Protection +3, Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds, Luckstone, Bag of Holding (Type 1, contains 300 gp worth of coins and gemstones)

    I use two variants:

    1) Instead of their Combat styles, Rangers gets a bonus feats at level one, plus one every three levels after.

    2) A character may choose racial feats as their bonus feats, no matter the class.
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