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    Mephiles the Dark by Orin
    A Xintri making use of his Form Incarnum Weapon and Incarnum Shadow abilities

    (Pronounced: Zeen'Tree)

    The Xintri are humanoids heavily aligned with shadow and incarnum. They are tall and gaunt, often seen as undead by the unlearned eye.

    Personality: Haughty and arrogant, the Xintri see themselves as the highest forms of life. They carry themselves in the manner of nobles, always looking down on other races with disdain. Due to this arrogance, they tend to underestimate others and are often react violently when a "lesser" race gets the better of them. As lawful as they are xenophobic, Xintri take outsiders at face value, possibly killing them on sight. Those allowed within their lands are scrutinized and followed closely; any step outside the law results in swift, severe judgment.
    Physical Description: Xintri stand a good foot above the average human, but are far thinner. Their skin has a pale pallor with the faintest hint of blue vessels running beneath. Their eyes are always have striking emerald green iris' surrounded by red, except in the odd occurrence of mixed heritage. Both genders share a certain femininity; males and females are hard to distinguish by mere physical features. The easiest way to tell them apart is the fashion in which their hair is styled. Men often let heir hair hang loose at shoulder length or tied in top-knots or low pony-tails. Females tend to have their hair woven into intensely intricate patterns or formal buns. Also, women never trim their hair shorter than their shoulder blades. Anywhere a Xintri's shadow falls has a slightly blue tinge mixed in with the shade.
    Relations: Xintri view most common races as worms, especially humans, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings. They admire the beauty of elves and other races close to nature and view exotic or rare races as specimens of interest. "Monstrous" races, such as goblinoids, monstrous humanoids, and aberrations, but also including half-orcs, merely exist for sport. The only being that Xintri view with even the faintest hint of true respect are powerful outsiders or highly intelligent undead.
    Alignment: Most Xintri are lawful evil, living strictly by rules, customs, and procedures but only within their own society. They take what they like from other races and treat them like animals with sadistic pleasure. However, there are quite a few lawful neutral Xintri who merely existing in their culture by adhering to the rules and staying away from immoral activity. They do not look down on other races so much as they pity them. Due to their extreme respect for codes and laws, chaotic Xintri are practically unheard of.
    Lands: Xintri communities may appear anywhere there are few other races. Seclusion is what they seek when surveying for a potential home. This leads them to seek homes in mountains, deserts, thick forests, or in sparsely populated areas in the Outer Planes.
    Settlements: Xintri build large family fortresses surrounded by houses that are protected by high walls. Every time a new development is needed for increasing populations, the new buildings are built outside the wall in one patch and then enclosed within a wall attached to the main one. This method of construction leads Xintri cities to be filled with countless criss-crossing walls and gates. Some of the larger ones are a veritable labyrinth for those unaccustomed. The Xintri's cities are fairly uniform in look and style with just a touch of the influence of the area it is in. The Xintri do not have a permanent capitol, instead it shifts depending on who is currently Emperor.
    Power Groups: No matter what Plane they live on or how many miles separate them, Xintri stay in touch with each other through a series of magical portals and arcane communiques. This is due to their Feudal system of government.
    Overview of the Xintri Hierarchy:

    The Xintri Emperor and the Council of Seven rule over all Xintri and give the various stations to the Xintri Lords. The title Xintri Emperor is inherited by contest. A prospective Emperor must pass two tests and then defeat the ruling Emperor in a contest of power.

    The first test is the Test of Cunning where the prospect must bring proof of past victories over powerful foes or situations where he/she lead a large squadron to crush an opposing army.

    The second test is the Test of Wisdom. In this portion of the selection, the prospective Emperor must sit with the Council of Seven and be subjected to a series of difficult questions regarding state affairs and dealings as well as interspecies conflicts. Unless the Council of Seven is sufficiently pleased, the prospect cannot continue to seek the position.

    The final test, the Test of Power, is held in a large arena. There the old emperor and the prospective Emperor will fight. This may either be a fight to the death, or the old Emperor may fight until he is satisfied that the new Emperor has the necessary power to rule. During the fight, the old Emperor may withdraw himself at any time and give up his position to the new Emperor.

    The Title of Emperor cannot be contested unless the current Emperor has ruled for more than three years.

    The Council of Seven are the seven wisest Xintri. Most often these Xintri are lawful neutral. The Title of Council of Seven is passed on from member to member. When one member is ready to give up his mantle, he uses divination, seeks information from Outsiders, or pleas to his patron deity for the one that most deserves the title. When accepted in, a new member must forswear his own personal convictions and forsake his family, all for the preservation of the Xintri way.

    The Emperor runs day-to-day affairs among the Xintri and also acts as Head of War, while the Council of Seven are sought for law and judicial matters.

    Xintri Lords are the heads of large and powerful Xintri families. They usually own a single city and live in the fortress at its center. A Lord may appoint Vassals over different areas and districts of his city and has near-absolute control of that city's assets.

    Beliefs: Due to their haughty nature, Xintri often view themselves as their own god. Many Xintri clerics chose to worship an aspect of nature instead of a great power. However, if a Xintri does chose a god, it is most definitely a god of magic, fate, luck, or misfortune.
    Language: Most Xintri children are not taught Common because it is simply that: "common". Their arrogant nature leads them to learn other languages more exotic and rare depending on their location. Though they love the sound of their own voice, they tend to use as few words as possible when dealing with non-Xintri, preferring to keep conversations short and to the point to avoid unnecessarily long and painful interactions with other races.
    Names: Names are given not at birth, but by a unique physical trait or once they achieve something spectacular or odd. Children are called by the number of their birth and distinguished by their family name. Due to this method of naming both male and female children share common names.

    Child Names: First, Second, Third, Fourth, etc.
    Given Names: Bluestar (in the case of an odd birthmark), Brokenbow (the child snapped his first bow), Horsechild (known for his/her innocent nature and love of horses), Harshword (he/she is known for being quick to anger)
    Family Names: Berras, Hourin, Rincth, Ghab

    * A Xintri seeking to become Emperor may leave his home and travel abroad in diverse lands looking to achieve fame and fortune necessary to elevate his status. Often they will search out powerful enemies to defeat or attempt to unearth ancient relics.
    * A Xintri may be outcast from his home because of a deformity or by committing some social faux pas. The ultimate sign of rejection is when a Xintri is exiled before he/she can receive an adult name. These unfortunate beings seek to scrape some sort of living and seek monetary gain in numerous ways. They are broken and shamed, so they are by no means above socializing with what their brethren would call "lesser" races.
    * A neutral or good Xintri may become tired of his/her people's xenophobic and racist attitude and may decide to abandon their homes to live with more accepting and tolerant races. These Xintri often find refuge with carefree Halflings, although their chaotic nature sometimes grates on the strict Xintri. Following the lead of their halfling friends, they strike out to find adventure and new experiences.

    Xintri Racial Traits

    * +2 CON, +2 INT, -2 STR, -2 WIS; Xintri are an enduring people that seek knowledge but are manually weak and lack foresight or direction.
    * Humanoid (Human): Xintri are of human descent and are affected by spells and the like as if they were purely human.
    * Humanoid (Incarnum): Xintri are humanoids with the incarnum subtype, see spoiler below.
    * Medium: As medium creatures, Xintri receive no special bonuses due to their size.
    * Xintri land speed is 30 feet.
    * Shape Incarnum Weapon: Xintri can form a simple light weapon from pure incarnum. The weapon appears as pure blue crystal with all the stats of the base item. They must invest at least one point of essentia in the weapon, as a free action, to manifest it. The Xintri is automatically proficient with the weapon created regardless of his/her character class but only until the weapon is dismissed or destroyed. For every two points of essentia invested it receives a cumulative +1 enhancement bonus. If the weapon leaves the owners hand or if he removes all essentia invested,it dissolves immediately and the Essentia returns to the Xintri's Essentia Pool. In the case of a thrown weapon, the weapon dissolves after damage calculation. A Xintri may only create one weapon at a time.
    * Incarnum Shadow: A Xinri can invest essentia in its shadow. When one point of essentia is invested in his/her shadow, the Xintri gains the Hide in Plain Sight (Su) feat as a Shadowdancer. For every point of essentia invested in his/her shadow, the Xinthri can Shadow Jump 10ft/day. This amount can be split among many jumps, but each one, no matter how small, counts as a 10-foot increment.
    * Essentia Pool: A Xinthri’s essentia pool is permanently increased by 2. If he/she does not have an essentia pool, this trait grants her one with two points of essentia.
    * Skills: Xintri receive a +2 racial bonus to Hide and Move Silently
    * Automatic Languages: Celestial, Abyssal, InfernalBonus Languages: Common, Elven, and any languages rare to their region of origin (at DM's discretion)
    * Favored Class: Incarnate
    * Level Adjustment: +1

    Note: In the case of a campaign that does not allow use of Magic of Incarnum, remove "Humanoid(Incarnum)", Shape Incarnum Weapon, Incarnum Shadow, and Essentia Pool from the Xin'tri's Racial Traits. Also, change his/her Favored Class to Wizard and his level adjustment to +0.

    Incarnum Subtype (Magic of Incarnum, pg 169)

    Any creature with incarnum-based powers has the incarnum subtype. An incarnum creature can be born with the subtype or can gain it during its life. A creature meeting any one of the following criteria has the incarnum subtype.
    • The creature has an essentia pool. This category includes characters with levels in a character class that grants an essentia pool or creatures with feats that grant essentia.
    • The creature has one or more preshaped soulmelds (that is, soulmelds that are automatically shaped on it without any effort on its part).
    • The creature was created through the use of incarnum or from raw incarnum.

    Traits: Creatures with this subtype have no specific shared traits other than those given above. The incarnum subtype merely identifies creatures that might be vulnerable to spells and effects that target incarnum creatures.

    Age, Height, and Weight
    Adulthood: 21 years
    Simple Classes: +1d4
    Moderate Classes: +2d6
    Complex Classes: +4d6

    Height: 5'0" + 2d10(inches)
    Weight: 115 + 3d6(lbs)

    Middle Age: 50
    Old Age: 75
    Venerable: 100
    Maximum Age: +2d10

    Xintri Race Feats

    Double Incarnum Weapon [Xintri or Incarnum]
    Your ability to manifest lasting weapons has become so refined that you may create two at once.
    Prerequisites: Greater Incarnum Weapon feat, 15 Dex or 15 Str, 17 Con or 17 Wis
    Benefits: You may create two weapons with your Shape Incarnum Weapon ability. These weapons must stay within 5' of each other or one will dissolve.
    Normal: You may only create one weapon with your Shape Incarnum Weapon ability
    Special: The normal rules for dual wielding weapons still apply (see Player's Handbook).
    Both weapons share the same benefits from the invested essentia. i.e.: if the Xintri creates two daggers by investing two essentia in his Shape Incarnum Weapon ability, both daggers have a +2 enhancement bonus.

    Improved Double Incarnum Weapon [Xintri or Incarnum, Fighter]
    You have learned to multitask your mind and your incarnum.
    Prerequisites: Double Incarnum Weapon feat
    Benefit: You may split your two weapons up.
    Normal: The two weapons you create must remain within 5' of each other.
    Special: The normal rules for dual wielding weapons still apply (see Player's Handbook).
    Both weapons share the same benefits from the invested essentia. i.e.: if the Xintri creates two daggers by investing two essentia in his Shape Incarnum Weapon ability, both daggers have a +2 enhancement bonus.

    Improved Incarnum Shadow [Xintri or Incarnum]
    Your shadow seems to elongate and darken, but still retains that bluish tint.
    Prerequisites: Incarnum Shadow ability, 13 Con or 13 Wis
    Benefits: You may move 20'/day per point of essentia invested in your shadow.
    Normal: You may move 10'/day per point of essentia invested in your shadow.
    Special:This amount can be split among many jumps, but each one, no matter how small, counts as a 10-foot increment.

    Improved Shape Incarnum Weapon [Xintri or Incarnum, Fighter]
    The weapons you shape with incarnum seem more refined and clearer.
    Prerequisites: Shape Incarnum Weapon feat, +2 BAB, 13 CON or 13 WIS
    Benefit: For every point of essentia invested, the weapon you create gains a cumulative +1 enhancement bonus.
    Normal: For every two points of essentia invested, the weapon you create gains a cumulative +1 enhancement bonus.

    Greater Incarnum Shadow [Xintri or Incarnum]
    Your shadow wraps around you, darkening your features and creating ethereal tendrils of darkness that squirm around your legs and feet.
    Prerequisites: Improved Incarnum Shadow feat, 19 Con or 19 Wis
    Benefits: When using your Incarnum Shadow ability to teleport, your beginning and ending position are no longer limited by where there are shadows.
    Normal: The magical transport must begin and end in an area with at least some shadow.

    Greater Shape Incarnum Weapon [Xintri or Incarnum, Fighter]
    The weapons you create seem firmer and more substantial.
    Prerequisites: Improved Shape Incarnum Weapon feat, 15 Con or 15 Wis
    Benefits: The weapon you create with the Shape Incarnum Weapon ability lasts for 2d4 rounds after it leaves your hand. This way it may be given to an ally or may be used for other purposes. The Xintri also gains the ability to change the weight of his weapon as a free action. At any time a Xintri can only form one weapon.
    Note: Changing the weight of the weapon does not change its size or type. "Light" weapons remain "light" weapons and "heavy" weapons remain "heavy" weapons for classification purposes, regardless of weight.

    Specialized Shape Incarnum Weapon [Xintri or Incarnum, Fighter]
    You have mastered your natural ability to forge weapons from incarnum and use them to great efficiency.
    Prerequisites: Improved Shape Incarnum Weapon feat
    Benefit: If the weapon you create with the Shape Incarnum Weapon ability is a light weapon, you may chose to treat it as if you had the Weapon Finesse feat (see Player's Handbook pg 102), even if you do not meet its prerequisites.
    If the weapon you create is a two-handed weapon, you may chose to treat it as if you had the Monkey Grip feat (see Complete Warrior pg 103), even if you do not meet its prerequisites.

    --I added [Fighter] to feats to denote that Fighters may select them as bonus feats as long as they meet the prerequisites.
    --I added [Incarnum] to the feats in the case that someone using Magic of Incarnum would like to make the Xintri's racial abilities into feats obtainable by other Incarnum using races or classes.

    Example Xin'tri
    Grahn Quickslash
    Male Xin'tri fighter 6
    LE Medium humanoid (incarnum)
    Init +1; Senses Listen +1, Spot +1
    Languages Celestial, Abyssal, Infernal
    AC 23, touch 11, flat-footed 22
    Hit Die: 8d6 +18; hp 42
    Saves Fort +8, Ref +3, Will +2
    Speed 20 ft. (4 squares)
    Melee 2x +2 Incarnum longsword + 10/+5 (1d8+7/19–20)
    Full Attack: 2x +2 Incarnum longsword +8/+3 (1d8+7/19–20)
    Base Atk +7; Grp +11
    Atk Options Power Attack (–4 attack, +4 damage)
    Essentia Pool 2; Capacity 2
    Abilities Str 17, Dex 13, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 10
    SQ Shape Incarnum Weapon, Incarnum Shadow
    Feats Cleave, Power Attack, Improved Shape Incarnum Weapon, Greater Shape Incarnum Weapon, Double Incarnum Weapon, Two-Weapon Fighting
    Skills Climb +6, Concentration +4, Balance +6, Intimidate +9
    Possessions combat gear plus +1 heavy
    steel shield, +1 full plate armor, gauntlets of ogre
    power +2, 107 gp
    Grahn Quickslash is of the Grahn house, but a lesser line. He serves as a castle guard protecting the inner keep. The third child of six, he received his adult name at the age of thirteen during combat practice. He showed great proficiency with his incarnum weapon of choice, the longsword.
    Combat Strategy
    Grahn uses his Incarnum Shadow to quickly close the distance with his foe before switching essentia to Shape Incarnum Weapon. He often uses the dual longswords; however, he has been known to form a longspear when confronting mounted opponents.

    Allin Fifth
    Femal Xin'tri rogue 9/master thrower 5
    LN Medium humanoid (incarnum)
    Init +6; Senses Listen +1, Spot +1
    Languages Celestial, Abyssal, Infernal, Common
    AC 24, touch 19, flat-footed 24
    Hit Die: 9d6 plus 5d8 +14; hp 59
    saveFort +5, Ref +16, Will +4
    Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
    Atk Ranged +2 Incarnum Daggers + 13/+9/+3 (1d4+3; 19–20/x2)
    Full Attack: Ranged 2x +2 Incarnum Daggers +11/+6/+1 (1d4+3; 19–20/x2)
    Base Atk +11/+6/+1; Grp +8
    Essentia Pool 2; Capacity 3
    Abilities Str 12, Dex 22, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 8
    SA Palm Throw, Sneak Attack +5d6, Double Toss, Weak Spot
    SQ Shape Incarnum Weapon, Incarnum Shadow, Evasion, Improve Evasion, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Trap Sense, Trapfinding, Uncanny Dodge
    Feats Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Snatch Arrows, Weapon Focus (Daggers), Improved Shape Incarnum Weapon, Greater Shape Incarnum Weapon, Double Incarnum Weapon, Two-Weapon Fighting
    Skills Balance +6, Bluff +16, Concentration +11, Diplomacy +1, Hide +20, Move Silently +20, Open Lock +18, Search +11, Sleight of Hand +21, Tumble +21
    Possessions: Elven Chain, Boots of Elvenkin, Cloak of Elvenkin, Gloves of Dexterity +2, Ring of Force Shield
    Allin Fifth was the last child of a noble family. She was caught one night stealing from a house in the city. Her father, outraged, banished her from the city to save face. From there she ran off to a halfling settlement and learned honed her habit of thievery, particularly in throwing her incarnum weapon. Because she never received an adult name from her family, she is usually called Fifi, a nickname for "Fifth".
    Fifi uses her shape incarnum weapon to create daggers which she throws with great skill. Because of their nature, she can unleash an endless barrage of the blue missiles. When her enemies close in, she uses her incarnum shadow to escape.
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