Sedryn (Human Cleric)

Once the light returns Sedryn examines his patient. "Are you alright?", he asks.

Heavy footsteps pound the pavement outside and you hear someone passing by on the street exclaim, "The Emerald Guard!" The footsteps stop abruptly, with a jangle of armor and weapons, outside of the tavern and a voice barks, "Throw down your weapons and come out quietly!"
Once Sedryn is sure the man is stable, he places his weapons at the table he left, walks to the door and shouts, "I am Sedryn priest of Lathander, I am coming out unarmed, I am tending a wounded man so be quick about your questions."

{OOC - Heal check ( +8 )on the wounded man, if he needs more healing Sedryn will cast CLW}