Lithandrill, Wottworte, and Sedryn face more than a dozen soldiers in half-plate armor.

Six are aiming heavy crossbows. Six others carry lanterns and bared longswords. Three additional men have helmet crests signifying that they are officers; the one with the most elaborate crest is apparently the captain leading the group. All are wearing the deep green livery of the queen's guard; golden embroidered serpents on their tunics glitter in the lantern light.

The captain asks the barkeep, "Is that all of them?"

"M'lord, I believe there is still one inside, plus a bald man in a yellow robe. The man in yellow is injured as the priest indicated."

The captain's eyes narrow, then he turns to one of his officers, "Bring out the ambassador's aide. Kill the other one if he resists."

One of the lieutenants leads four soldiers (two with heavy crossbows, two with longswords) into the tavern.


Aeroz finds no dagger. The wounded man lies with his eyes closed, still mumbling, "the kris... the kris..."