*Lithandrill shakes his head*

"I assume you are the captain of these guards, sir?
Well me and my fellow patrons where making ready to leave at this late hour. When suddenly an injured man, closely followed by a woman, enters. The woman must have been some arcane witch since she made our surroundings totally dark in which the woman was able to escape with whatever she came for. It all happened in mere moment if you had showed up a minuted earlier than you did you might have been able to catch her."

*All the time Lithandrill keeps grinning it the guards.*

"I see that you lads wear half plates. A bad choice if I might say so, more cumbersome than the full plate, yet it offers less protection. Now Captain if you see no more reason to detain me, I would like to be on my way."

*Suddenly Lithandrill turns to the elf*

"Why Master Elf if you managed to land a hit, wouldn't there be some kind of trail of blood that these gaurds might be able to follow?"