The captain watches as Lithandrill and Aeroz argue.

A litter is brought to the site, and the man in the yellow robe is carried away.

The captain questions the barkeep, who gesticulates and points to each of you as he tells his story. You can not hear what he says exactly. The captain listens without interrupting, then dismisses the barkeep curtly. The man bows repeatedly as he backs away. He enters his tavern, then closes and locks the door.

The captain turns to you. "You four will come with us. Witches out of the shadows you say? Under normal circumstances I would not have lent credence to such tales, but there has been much death this night, so I suppose a "shadow witch" is as plausible an explanation as any other. The Inquisitor will want to speak to you himself, I am sure."

To one lieutenant he orders, "Secure the area. An Investigator will be here shortly."

He and the rest of his troop escorts you toward the center of the city.