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    Lightbulb [Creature] I believe there are angels amongst us...

    Angel, Waguli

    Our love is deeper that the holler, stronger than the rivers
    Higher than the pine trees growin' tall upon the hill
    Our love is purer than the snowflakes that fall in late December
    Honest as a robin on a springtime window sill
    And longer than the song of the Whip-poor-will...

    Medium Outsider (angel, extraplanar, good)
    Hit Dice: 9d8+36 (76 hp)
    Initiative: +8
    Speed: 40 ft. (8 squares), fly 90 ft. (good)
    Armor Class: 26 (+4 dex, +12 natural), touch 14, flat-footed 22
    Base Attack/Grapple: +9/+12
    Attack: +1 natural ironwood quarterstaff +13 melee (1d6+3) or +1 longbow of +3 distance +14 melee (1d8+3) or slam +13 melee (1d8+3)
    Full Attack: +1 natural ironwood quarterstaff +13/+8 melee (1d6+3) or +1 longbow of +3 distance +14 melee (1d8+3) or slam +13 melee (1d8+3)
    Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
    Special Attacks: Dusk's lament, karma, mistress of spirits, spell-like abilities
    Special Qualities: Damage reduction 5/evil, darkvision 60 ft., feathered shape, hide in plain sight, immunity to acid, cold, and petrification, low-light vision, outsider traits, protective aura, resistance to electricity 10 and fire 10, spell resistance 26, wild tongues
    Saves: Fort +12, Ref +10, Will +11
    Abilities: Str 17, Dex 19, Con 18, Int 14, Wis 21, Cha 17
    Skills: Concentration +16, Knowledge (nature) +16, Handle Animal +15, Hide +16, Listen +17, Move Silently +16, Perform (sing) +15, Sense Motive +17, Spot +17, Survival +19
    Feats: Blind-Fight, Great Fortitude, Hear the Unseen, Improved Initiative, Two-Weapon Fighting(B), Track(B)
    Environment: Wilderness of the Beastlands
    Organization: Solitary, pair, or flight (35)
    Challenge Rating: 10
    Treasure: No coins; double goods; standard items
    Alignment: Always Neutral Good
    Advancement: 10-15 HD (Medium), 16-30 HD (Large)
    Level Adjustment: +7

    Appears as a sweet-faced young woman with large, melancholy eyes of black. She has lustrous darker skin with a reddish hue and long, wavy hair that reaches to her ankles. It is mostly dark, though with streaks of white throughout, giving it a mottled appearance. It has been braided in places with whip-poor-will feathers and beads carved of bone. From her back grow wings that fit so tightly they are almost unnoticable beneath her hair, which share the same mottled look. Around her throat as well is a thick muff of soft down.

    Waguli are angelic being favored by good-aligned nature deities such as Ehlonna, ushering the spirits of, but not limited to, friendly animals, goodly magical beasts and the wilder races. It is said that even the brief life of particularly beautiful or beneficial plants are even collected by these nature-loving beings as they wilt. They are also used as her messengers and scouts, as well as guardians to those their deity favors.

    They are particularly well known for their novel approach to evil, stealing away their souls when they die and punishing them by making them live the lives of lesser creatures, hoping this extra chance at life will turn them from their ways. Gradually they work back up to beings of sentience where they may decide to continue their evil doings or pursue a more worthy path.

    A waguli stands slightly over five feet and weighs around 100 lbs. They speak Druidic, Elven, and Sylvan, but use their Wild Tongues ability to speak with near every other being.

    Waguli are trackers and guardians foremost, doing battle with reluctance unless protecting themselves or another. They fight fiercly when hard put, summoning other creatures if the battle goes badly. Once they have killed their enemy however they have no harsh feelings, but instead attempt to reincarnate them.

    A waguli's natural weapons, as well as any weapons she wields, are treated as good-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

    Dusk's Lament (Su): A waguli's song, in both bird and humanoid form, is both eerie and beautiful. Undead creatures within 60 feet of a singing waguli are affected each round as if by a turning check as a cleric of the same level as the waguli's HD.

    Feathered Shape (Su): A waguli can assume an alternate form, that of a whip-poor-will (use a raven's statistics) at will. While in whip-poor-will form the waguli gains a +16 bonus (size bonus included) to it's hide checks.

    Hide in Plain Sight (Ex): While in any sort of natural terrain, a waguli can use the Hide skill even while being observed.

    Karma (Su): A waguli has the ability to see the spirits of the recently departed as if she had the Spirit Sense feat. Unlike the feat however she may affect those she sees as the Reincarnate spell at will. She may even cast it against their will, though they must succeed on a DC 23 will save (using their will save as it was in life without any sort of stat drain or damage, minus any kind of enhancements granted by spells, area effects, items or similar).

    Good aligned creatures automatically succeed on their save and may choose if they wish to be effected. Against them the spell works normally.

    Against neutral creatures they are affected normally, but their HD is halved, to a minimum of 1.

    Against evil creatures they affects are altered. These are dependent on their aura of evil at time of death.

    Faint: Those with a faint aura are reincarnated at a quarter their HD.
    Moderate: Those with a moderate aura are reincarnated as an animal at half their HD (round down). Their memories of their previous life are forgotten and they gain the mental stats of their new form.
    Strong: Those with a strong aura are reincarnated as a vermin at a quarter their HD (round down).
    Overpowering: Those with an overpowering aura are reincarnated as a fine-sized vermin as below:

    These stats are for any type of verminous being, be it insect, arachnid, crustacean, worm, etc.

    Bad Karma Vermin: CR -; Fine Vermin; HD 1/64; 1 HP; Init -2; Spd 5 ft., fly (if any) 10 ft. (average), burrow (if any) 1 ft.; AC 18, touch 18, flat-footed 10; Base Atk +0; Grp -16; Atk or Full Atk -; SA -; SQ darkvision 60 ft., vermin traits; AL N; SV Fort -3, Ref +0, Will +0; Str 1, Dex 10, Con 1, Int , Wis 11, Cha 1
    Skills and Feats: -

    Each time an evil creature dies it reincarnates as if it's evil aura had improved by one level. Once they reach a level of sentience they no longer automatically reincarnate and are at a true neutral alignment. Their deeds from then on determine their new alignment if any. The save DC is Wisdom-based and has a +4 racial bonus.

    Protective Aura (Su):
    Against attacks made or effects created by evil creatures, this ability provides a +4 deflection bonus to AC and a +4 resistance bonus on saving throws to anyone within 20 feet of the waguli. Otherwise, it functions as a magic circle against evil effect and a lesser globe of invulnerability, both with a radius of 20 feet (caster level 9th). This aura can be dispelled, but the waguli can create it again as a free action on its next turn. (The defensive benefits from the circle are not included in the waguli's statistics block.)

    Spell-like Abilities:
    At Will - Animal Messenger, Calm Animals, Faerie Fire, Neutralize Poison, Sleep, Speak With Dead, Whispering Wind
    3/day - Commune With Nature, Hallow, *Invoke the Cerulean Sign, Owl's Wisdom, Summon Swarm, Wind Wall
    1/day - Reincarnate, Summon Monster V (celestial creatures only), Summon Wild Spirit V
    * From Lords of Madness

    Mistress of Spirits (Ex): A waguli's natural weapons, as well as any weapons she wields, is considered a Ghost Touch weapon. As well, all her spells are cast as if effected by the Transdimensional Spell feat. In addition, she can see incorporeal creatures on the ethereal plane as True Seeing.

    Uncanny Dodge (Ex): A waguli retains her Dexterity bonus to AC when flat-footed, and cannot be flanked except by a rogue of at least 9th level. She can flank characters with the uncanny dodge ability as if she were a 5th-level rogue.

    Wild Tongues (Ex): A waguli can speak with any creature that has a language, as well as animals, as though using a tongues and speak with animals spell (caster level 9th). This ability is always active.
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