Sedryn (Human Cleric)

Sedryn bow to the the Queen's Investigator saying, "Prozen, I am Sedryn, priest of Lythander. We were all relaxing in the pub each minding their own toughts when the man, the Thayan, burst in, wounded saying 'More light we need more light.' He was excited and agitated. One of the others at the tavern tried to bandage his arm and was brushed off, while the Thayan added wood to the fire. I got out my everburning torch and light my lantern hoping more light would calm him so we could understand what his problem was. Mumbling something about having no choice, he drew a serpentine dagger, saying 'she moves in the shadows.' then a woman came into the tavern, cast darkness and attacked the man. I rushed to his side and cast a healing spell. Before I could reach him the woman picked something up and then fled. I assume it is the Kris he was mumbling about. As the woman fled one of the others wounded her as she went through the door. Before we could follow the guards called for our surrender. I would appreicate an explanation of why we are here and what is going on."