Prozen continues to write as you each tell your version of the incident in the bar, occasionally asking questions to clarify one point or another.

As he does so, however, he allows one sheet of parchment to fall to the ground in front of you. Since you take turns speaking, each of you gets a chance to read the message:

You are in grave danger.

The Thayan ambassador has been assassinated along with most of her retinue, and a valuable artifact has been stolen. The ambassador was under the protection of the Emerald Guard at the time of her death. There will be a call for the guilty to be found and punished quickly.

You will no doubt be accused of these murders and will likely be executed within three days (after the formality of a quick "trial").

The ambassador's aide who survived the attack would likely have corroborated your story. Unfortunately, he has apparently died unexpectedly of "complications" while in the custody of the Emerald Guard.

There are powerful forces that oppose any rapprochement between Hlondeth and Thay. Clearly, one of them is behind this act. Apparently, the Emerald Guard has been compromised as well.

The Queen can not act openly against the Guard, but she can facilitate your escape before you are executed. In return, she requests your assistance in tracking down the true assassins. Once the true assassins are brought to light, perhaps the traitors within the Inner City can be identified as well.

It is not much of a choice. Life in secret service to the Queen, or death. If you agree to the terms above, nod your head.