Reid grimaces.

Unfortunately, Hist, I also can't scry on him until tomorrow -

He pauses, and turns to Anura.

Unless the summoner has changed his routine, we should be able to scry him then. I still have a little of his blood, from the time that he sent the hounds after us. I do hope you'll stay until then, but will trust to your wisdom in this.

Excuse me a few minutes.

He moves closer to the altar, kneels slowly, and then prostrates himself in front of it.

Lord Pelor, I humbly beg your forgiveness. There is nothing more odious in your sight than one who professes a virtue, speaks of a path of righteousness, and then dances in the opposite direction. Today, I had the chance to put right a deceit, to confirm your principle that all will emerge for the best in honour and honesty. Lord, forgive me, for my resolve weakened, and I upheld the deceit with my silence.

Undeserving though I am, I ask only for your leave to continue in my service, that I may refortify and strengthen your worship in this blighted place. Book and mace, heart and face.