As the ship sails into the rising sun toward the open sea, it raises a green and gold banner signifying that the Sea Lion is a sovereign vessel of Hlondeth. The banner snaps in the breeze, pointing the way to the Unapproachable East as the slaves' oars aid the billowing sails.

You wander the ship, which will be your home for at least a couple of weeks. The elevated fore and aft decks are restricted to crew only. There are several lower slave decks that are off limits as well.

You have berths in the cargo holds, which is where all of the goods, livestock, and other passengers will spend the trip. There are at least two dozen other travellers on board, including some Theskan merchants and Aglarondan half-elves in addition to a number of adventurer types no doubt heading to the East in search of adventure.

There is a large cabin that serves as sort of a common room/mess hall, where simple meals are provided for the passengers. Since this is one of the few chambers on board with windows, almost all of the passengers gather here to gossip, trade goods, drink and gamble outside of mealtimes as well. There really is little else to do to break the monotony of the long journey. The "Lion's Mess" thus essentially functions as a floating tavern and marketplace for all of you.

OOC: This might be a good time for each of you to "introduce" yourselves formally to each other and to gather information about some of the places and names mentioned by Prozen. You may even want to discuss if you trust Prozen and whether or not you want to pursue the "mission" or not. If there are any special items or goods you need, you might be able to barter or buy them on board as well.