The mess hall is a large cabin 100 ft long and 40 ft wide, located amidships. Shuttered windows have been thrown open to let in the sunlight and fresh air.

Long tables and benches are bolted to the wooden floor. There are probably at least a dozen people in the mess right now. Merchants and adventurers mostly. They seem harmless enough so that your gaze doesn't linger on any one in particular.

A group of three women enters the mess - a pretty human with a blond ponytail (a sheathed longsword slung across her back marks her as a warrior), a lithe elf with short white hair (she carries only a dagger at her waist), and a tall woman (race indeterminate) wearing a gray cloak, hood up, obscuring her face. Like everyone else on board, they are unarmored. They order some drinks, grab some seats in the corner, and huddle together as they drink and talk.