*Lithandrill too goes into the mess hall and orders a nice cold ale*

"Hmmm some mess heve I gotten myself into"
*He laughts at his own bad joke*

"Well this ale and the ones to follow should lighten up the days I spend here, and hell on sea I am going to get sick anyway."

*With a big grin he emptied the glass at a draught. Shaking his head he orders the next as he looks over to the women who just entered, after having looked them up his grin turns slightly roqueish*

"Who knows maybe there are some ladies here in need of "rescue" on our long lonesome trip."

*Quickly he shakes of the thought and turns to Aeroz*

"The next drink is on me friend. It looks like we havn't had an chance to properly introduce ourselfs.
I am Lithandrill Derasi (Translated as He who has a dragon soul or He who respects dragons. It might even be translated into We who is not one of us but is.) of Battledale, Son of Iskand the Valiant.
And who might you be?"