Sitting at a secluded table in the "bar", you notice what you think is a human sitting alone. *In fact it appears the other patrons are giving wide berth to the table and its occupent. *The reason, to gaze upon his face is starttling. *If not for the total absence of orcish features, one would swear he was an ugly half-orc. *He is missing a good portion of this left ear, the left side of his face is a mass of scar tissue, and his left cheek appears to have been caved in. *The *right side of his face is more normal, but still is cross hatched with scars and the features are distorted. *His eyes, the only relatively normal features on his face, are gey and distant. *However, as you meet his gaze from accross the room, you see both lonliness and steel flicker in them for a moment before he turns away, as if to spare your sight from his ugliness.

He is wearing well-traveled clothes of greens and earthtones and a green hooded cloak. *He has a scimitar at his side, a composite longbow propped against the adjacent wall, and a chain resting accross his shoulders.