OOC: I encourage Sedryn, Lithandrill, and Aeroz to get to know each other a little better (since you're stuck with each other for quite a long voyage). Whether you decide to interact with the women or the ugly man is up to you. On the one hand, information and allies could be useful (since you are quite unfamiliar with the East); on the other hand, you probably want to be careful about how much information you share, since enemies could be anywhere.

In the course of casual conversation, you are able to clarify the ship's itinerary:

The ship will take a tenday to cross the southern reaches of the Sea of Fallen Stars. It will skirt the pirate-infested islands of The Thousand Swords before docking at Spandeliyon, your first contact with the East. The ship will then move along the northern coast of Aglarond to Ingdal's Arm, Corth, and finally Velprintalar, capital of Aglarond.