Sedryn (Human Cleric)

"Maybe they will. My name is Aeroz. I come out of Calimport. I used to be part of a small time theives guild. So, preist, what is your mission anyways?"
"That is what I keep asking myself. As is the habit of High Priests their instructions are not always clear. Mine said, "I would know the mission when I saw it." I have spent the morning meditating on wether this endever is 'it' or not, but I still have no clue." replies Sedryn.

"A priest of Lathander you say? And the head of your order? So you are a man of some renown even? I myself do not pray to the morning lord even though I have no love for undead. I however pray to Tempus, the Lord of Battle, and to Bahamut, The king of Dragons."
"Lithandrill, I fear I may have mislead you, I was sent by the head of my order to serve Lathander, I have no such prominence. I am glad to hear you have no love of undead, and each man must choose his gods as seems best to him. Do you know anything of the lands that we are heading to?" Sedryn asks.