Tiriel laughs at Aeroz's question and Si'rene just rolls her eyes.

Angela shakes her head, "No, Master Aeroz, of course I simply meant that you and Si'rene are both obviously children of the Seldarine."

She then responds to Sedryn's questions. "So it's your first time to the East?"

She tells your group about the Aglarondan peninsula and the great Yuirwood at its heart. She mentions the Watchwall and the Umber Marshes to the east that protect Aglarond from the Red Wizards of Thay, even as she acknowledges that the uneasy peace between Thay and Aglarond has lasted longer than anyone originally expected.

Si'rene then jumps in, describing the simmering tensions between the "civilized" gray elves (like Si'rene) of the coastal cities of Aglarond and the "untamed" wood elves deep in the Yuirwood. She speaks lovingly of the stunning architecture and sophistication of Velprintalar, capital of Aglarond and of the powerful Simbul who rules it.

Tiriel speaks up next, mentioning the displaced indigenous humans, who have been driven west to Altumbel, the rocky tip of the Aglarondan peninsula, next to the islands of The Thousand Swords. For a moment you sense a little bit of tension between Tiriel and Si'rene, but it quickly passes as Angela steers the conversation towards Telflamm.

Angela describes Telflamm as an independent principality to the north of Aglarond, over the Dragonjaw mountains. Telflamm is apparently a huge trade center and marks the westernmost end of The Golden Way, the trade route east through the Endless Wastes to the fabled Kara-Tur.

"We three are just returning from some rest and relaxation in Nimpeth. What about you, Masters Aeroz and Lithandrill? Forgive me, but you hardly seem the types of people that usually associate with priests of Lathander ..."