Lumpy, Half-Orc Warrior

Lumpy shifts afterr the next volley, trying to keep his braod form between Darius as he tries to cut the ropes. The motion is reminiscant of a bodyguard defending his charge, and seems strangely out of place from a nearly total stranger. Again he speaks, hardly more than a grolw shaped into words, "Even if ya cut the bridge, they can still shoot us."

He shrugs, regardless, "Fight or flee, pick one. Ain't time fer a vote. He seems oddly content to let someone else make the decision, for his part still waiting for his flail to come into play.

(OOC My bad.. I must've gotten wires crossed while I was finagling with stats. I did dex -1 and int -1. I think it's correct now, but someone should probably check it for me)