Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby moves out from behind the rock, smiling grimly as the Grimlock he hit is wracked by another spasm of electricity from the same spell.

He dashes towards the bridge, and cries to his friends, "Once we get this bridge cut, we'd better just flee! I'd rather try my chances against whatever's down that tunnel than against whatever's shooting us!"

With that, he holds his hand just above the rope from the bridge that Darius isn't cutting, and casts the same spell as he did before, but faster, without any of the crackling syllables at the end.
This time, viscous acid shoots from his hand. When it hits the rope, it starts burning the fibers away.
"The acid should take care of this side!" he shouts into the chaos.

AC: 18
HP: 14
*2d4 electricity damage to the second Grimlock, form the spell cast last round.
*(2d4?) acid damage to the rope holding the bridge to the ledge on the side that Darius isn't cutting