Mind if I use her in a campaign?
Feel free. Let me know how it goes.

Firstly, what was your inspiration for this creature, Tribble? Because while it feels like something that might exist in mythology, I can't place it.
Basically she a humanoid version of a cavern catfish ;)

Clearish skin, huge whiskers, and completely eyeless. Saw a bunch once in the Lost Sea in Tennessee. Go waaaay down and there is a huge lake with them swimming all around.

Secondly, for a Good creature, isn't this thing creepy as hell? They're so alien, I can imagine what was intended to be a peaceful encounter with one going horribly wrong.

That had come to mind. Its fun to mess with players, specially if they are quick to fight, or one is a trigger-itchy paladin.

You just killed a good creature in cold blood. You feel a sense of desolation as the comfort of your holy presence abandons you in disgust...