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I think the assumption is that any good character wouldn't immediatly kill something that's talking to him/her.
Shouldn't, at least. But when I was reading over the crystal woman's description and abilities, I couldn't help but realize that encountering one of these in its environment would be a singularly chilling experience, regardless of its kindly intentions.

Humans are, in a very literal way, out of their element when underwater. I'm no hydrophobe, but I acknowledge that all the most basic assumptions change when you hop into a lake - the gravity's all wrong, the pressure's all wrong, and breathing will kill you. Not only are Tribble's crystal women completely at home in this environment - they completely shatter the all-too-common image of the fairy folk as waistcoat-wearing, gossamer-winged wusses.

The crystal woman is astonishingly alien. That's a good thing. But the DM who decides to introduce them to his campaign probably ought to be prepared for his players to a.) attack immediately, thinking that they're some sort of aquatic undead, or b.) curl up in the fetal position and wet themselves. Maybe put down some sort of tarp beforehand. Can't be too careful.