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    Lightbulb [Powers] Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

    Erratic Time
    Level: Psion/Wilder 9
    Display: Visual
    Manifesting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: 30 ft.
    Area: 10-ft.-radius
    Duration: 1 round/2 levels
    Saving Throw: See text
    Power Resistance: No
    Power Points: 17

    Everyone around begins to disappear and reappear, move agonizingly slow or impossibly fast, duplicate themselves or crumble into dust...

    You cause a great disruption in the time stream, making those in the area move erratically through time.
    Every target in the area rolls on the below chart each round to see how they are effected. If they are thrown to a point of time before the manifestation or after the duration the power is considered to be effectively ended. The effects that mimic powers and spells are considered to be at a level equal to the manifester for the purpose of duration, though do not allow saves. They are not augmented.

    Erratic Time Effects
    d%    Effect
    01-05 Wounds open all about you, past and present, as the Recall Agony power. 
    06-10 You speed up as if from the Hasten spell. 
    11-15 You slow down as from the Slow spell. 
    16-20 You speed up til you are a blur as the Temporal Acceleration power.
    21-25 You speed up til you are a blur as the Temporal Acceleration power. Your next round, even while accelerated, you must roll again. 
    26-30 You move forward in time as the Time Hop power.
    31-35 You move backwards in time as the Regression power. 
    36-40 You freeze in place, unable to act for 1d6 rounds, and are considered helpless.
    41-45 You remain in normal time but all powers or spells act as if Quickened without requiring extra psionic points or expending psionic focus.   
    46-50 You remain in normal time.
    51-55 You remain in normal time but all powers or spells have a duration of only 1 round. Instantaneous durations are unaffected. 
    56-60 You remain in normal time for 1 minute and then move back 1 minute in a loop that repeats itself 1d8 times. 
    61-65 You remain in normal time but all your wounds heal.
    66-70 You freeze in place, but are affected as by the Timeless Body power.
    71-75 You move backwards in time 1d6 rounds and then forward 1d6 rounds.
    76-80 You move forwards in time 1d4 minutes and then backwards 10d6 rounds.
    81-85 You move an infinitesimal amount of time backwards, occupying the same point of time and space. You take 5d6 damage 1d6 times. Fortitude save halves. 
    86-90 You gain a +50 bonus to initiative checks as your perception moves forward in time, while your body remains. 
    91-93 You regain all psionic power points or spells for the day as if you had never manifested. You cannot choose new spells for the day. 
    94-95 The stress of temporal displacement is such a strain on your mind you must succeed on a Will save or go permanently insane. 
    96-97 Your age permanently increases to the next stage with the corresponding stat adjustments. Adulthood to Middle Age, Middle Age to Old, Old to Venerable. 
    98-99 You suddenly age a thousand times faster and crumble into dust unless you succeed on a Fortitude save.  
    100   You create a temporal paradox that sweeps through a 30-foot area. All within must succeed on a Reflex save or be killed and their bodies scattered throughout the continuum. To bring them back to life requires True Resurrection.

    Split Stream
    Level: Psion/wilder 7
    Display: Olfactory
    Manifesting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: Personal
    Target: You
    Duration: Concentration + 6 rounds
    Saving Throw: None
    Power Resistance: Yes (harmless)
    Power Points: 15

    As you move you grow fainter and fainter until you appear to vanish...

    You split off your own personal time stream from that of the main one. To beings in the main stream you seem to simply disappear. However, in your split stream it seems everything is exactly the same, including your companions remaining with you. At the end of the power you then appear back in the main stream, and time has passed equal to the duration of the power.
    Anyway you affected things in the split stream has not occurred in the main stream. For example, if you killed a companion in the split stream in the main stream he has not only not been harmed by you, but has not even associated with you for the duration of the power.
    Personal effects are an exception, and are unaffected by the return to the main stream. For example any wounds healed or sustained remain, as do power or spell effects, or power points spent or spell slots cast. If you die in the split stream you reappear dead in the main one. Acquisitions made by the manifester while the effect is active revert to the alternate timeline when the split stream ends; personal effects of the manifest which are lost or expended in the alternate timeline remain so when re-integrated.
    You may split off even from your currently split stream, though when the power ends you still return to the main stream.
    Powers dealing with time function normally in the split stream. If you move back past the time of the manifestation you instantly are back within the main stream and the power effectively ends. Moving forward in time, such as from Time Hop, also functions, throwing you into the future of the split stream, and when Split Stream ends you are also that far ahead in the main stream.


    Temporal Anchor
    Level: Psion/Wilder 8
    Display: Visual
    Manifesting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: Touch
    Targets: One creature or object
    Duration: 1 min./level of target's personal time (D)
    Saving Throw: None
    Power Resistance: Yes (object)
    Power Points: 15

    For a split second everything around seems to move either faster or slower and just as swiftly returns to normal.

    You must make a touch attack to hit the target. Any creature or object touched seems to move either a hair too fast or a might slower than normal as they become fixed to the current flow of time. Forms of movement barred by a temporal anchor include Haste, Slow, Temporal Acceleration, Temporal Stasis, Time Hop, Mass Time Hop, Time Regression, Timeless Body, Time Stop, and similar psionic or spell-like abilities.

    A temporal anchor has the potential to counter and dispel any of the above, but an opposed manifester check must be made. It does not however block extratemporal perception, such as divination powers and spells, nor temporal attacks such as Recall Agony and Recall Death.
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