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One question though: How exactly would you deal with someone going back in time a few rounds during a battle? Do you regress the fight to where they appear, and allow them to act twice? Or do you allow them to just take the extra rounds before anyone else can act?
If I get what you mean... ugh, yeah, that would be a headache. I think I'm gonna have to make it a single-being power. Unbelievable hastle otherwise.

... though what happens if you manifest it on another the next round... ok, I'm gonna have to put some serious thought into this.

You might want to do examples of item behavior for split stream or make things more explicit, as the context isn't entirely clear in places. It seems that what you're saying is "Acquisitions made by the caster while the effect is active revert to the alternate timeline when the split stream ends; personal effects of the caster which are lost or expended in the alternate timeline remain so when re-integrated."
That's good phrasing right there, will steal it. Thanks!