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    The Briber, Feeder and Starver, Twisted Promise Keeper
    Lesser God (Lawful Evil)

    If ever there was a shameless opportunist it would be Votemmaris. Preying on the hopelessness of those adrift at sea, extending a hand, with conditions, to aid them when their bodies and will are at their lowest ebb and have nothing to lose... so they think. He promises life for worship, but most would agree, there are worse things than death. Votemmaris always honors the deals he makes, though rarely is the actual promise what was supposed.
    Votemmaris appears as a sweating man, skeletal man draped in a robe composed of sea froth. However, his blackened, sunburned skin is stretched taught over the bones, and his pure white, seemingly sun-blinded eyes peer out from sunken, scarred sockets.
    Votemmaris favorite weapon is the net. His symbol is a choppy, unmarred sea extending out to the horizon where it meets the sky.
    Portfolio: Castaways, endless expanses, shipwrecks, starvation, sunburn, thirst
    Domains: Madness, Ocean, Trickery, Weather
    Cleric Training: Clerics of Votemmaris rarely come into his service voluntarily. They are chosen carefully by his priests for their talents and strengths, and then kidnapped or coerced onto a ship crewed by Votemmaris' followers. Once far out to sea the potential clerics are given a small boat stocked with several days worth of salted jerky and liquor and abandoned to the waves. The food and drink is not meant to nourish but to madden as they will do only more harm than good, bringing thirst even more quickly. They are spiritually marked by the Priests and so when the begin to feel the worst of their hunger pains and their hopelessness is at their peak Votemmaris will give them a choice. Die or worship and serve him forever. Some choose the path of life and so the waves and wind take them to shore where Votemmaris' followers wait. If they refuse the deity waits till the last hour of life they have to them and gives them a second choice. Die or allow him their souls, for if they give it up he will save their life. Most are too far gone to much care about the state of their souls and give in, becoming Castaways, doomed to be ever hungry and thirst, but never dying from the lack, cursed to remain forever exposed upon the ocean.
    Quests: Clerics of Votemmaris often allow themselves to be hired onto ships, saying, quite truthfully, that their god gives them powers over the wind and waters. They then wait for a storm to brew and give the crew a choice, join with him and give themselves heart and soul to his awful deity and he will calm the sea as he can, or die without his aid.
    Prayers: Prayers to Votemmaris normally consist of re-pledging their promise to make certain their deity has not forgotten.
    Temples: Temples of Votemmaris vary in size and material but are usually open and allowing in the sea breeze, and always to be found on islands, symbolizing solitude in the midst of the sea.
    Rites: Votemarris' rites often have to do with fasting for long periods or exposing themselves to harsh environments to show their god their willingness to endure exposure.
    Heralds and Allies: Votemarris uses fiendish water genasi who are 20th level clerics as his heralds. Allies are weresharks, scyllans and primal water elementals.
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