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Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, and Tongues need to be included in the list of spells required to create.
Forgot to add tongues, but as the others are cantrips I'm ignoring them. Various constructs can do things that aren't necessarily mentioned in the making.

Is it possible for a creator to still see through it's eyes if it's gained independence?
Yep, that's where the vial of tears comes in. Will elaborate.

Need to make note that True seeing also ignores the miss chance.
True Seeing automatically sees through illusions, but I guess some have to be reminded of it.

It only has 5 grimaces [sob, yawn, rictus, hilarity and sneer] listed. Should there be a 6th one?

Also, you have the spells stinking cloud and eagle's splendor listed in its creation but nothing about it suggests why you picked those spells.
There is supposed to be a surprise face in there... and eagle's splendor is to account for such a high charisma score.