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    Quote Originally Posted by Chadwick View Post
    Here Wanda calls it Fate magic: Erf13, panel 6.

    The reason is that the spell is highly Luckmancy based, it should pulse with Erf magic if the klog was correct; but since it did pulse with Fate, and because it makes more sense as Fate anyway, it is most likely Fate.

    There, I made a few quick corrections (which are noted in red): just because you are online does not mean that you should neglect your language skills. ~Justyn
    Wanda said that it was Fate magic; but you forget that Predictamancy is Fate, and the spell was made by a combination of Findamancy and Predictamancy. No Luckmancy involved.

    I can see your point there about how Healomancy and Luckmancy could be switched, but you should really try to have a little more tact than "I think my version is better than canon, so I think the canon is wrong".
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