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    "Lupy, I don't hate you, I don't want you to leave. It's just what you did set me off. You're one of the one enjoyable townies, it's almost everyone that's been making me angry. Up to now I've just bottled it up, making short comments, and stating that I don't want to argue. But when you used Helious, took the idea from me, even took the name. Then I asked you to not use my character you basically flipped me off, pretty much saying, "Yeah, I stole your creation, and I'm gonna keep using it. So what you gonna do about it?" That set me off. All the rage I'd been bottling up was let out. And for that Lupy, I'm sorry, I'm sorry I targeted you with my rage, I don't hate you. Please stay.

    Just because I apologize does not mean I retract my earlier statement, I will still leave if things do not improve. What with the god modding, the over powered characters, the lack of fun, and that special Town charm. I'm sorry if I do leave.

    Lerky, none of us hate you, you're actually one of my favorite people here, because of you, the Town was revived. yes, that's right, I'm saying Lerky brought the town back to its former glory, not without help from others. Oh no. But after you created the Dancing Fox, people started posting, again. And for that, I thank you. And I'm sorry for teasing you about raping Jess.

    And for all those who are picking on Lerky for having Renn rape Jessica...
    ****ING STOP IT!
    I told him to do it! For plot reasons! enough already! Enough is enough! At first it was funny, now it's mean and retarded! STOP IT! Lerky gets enough ****. I asked him to do it! I wanted Jess to get pregnant.
    So stop teasing him and give him some slack.

    Now I have too ask you all. Are you willing? Are you willing to return the Town to it's former glory? Are you willing to admit your faults and improve on them!? Now I have to ask you all! Are you willing to make the town a better place? Are you willing to, give up a unsavory part of RPing you love and do, to improve the community! To make others happy! Now I have to ask you! Are you willing to help!? Are you willing to save the town!? Are you willing to learn the right way? Are you willing to give those that do wrong something to do right!? Are you willing!?

    For those that took the time to read this, thank you. And for those willing to help, thank you more. And for my friends, I'd like to thank you the most, the ones that have given me so many fun times over the last while thank you.

    Now my stomach hasn't stopped bothering me, and I'd like to get to bed. I tried eating some toast and it came up in a few minutes. See y'all tomorrow, maybe later tonight.

    Special thanks to
    And Behlder.
    I thank you all."

    I thank everyone here for their apologies and kind words... But it doesn't change anything. It doesn't make me want to RP here more. It doesn't make it funner to RP here. It doesn't even make me happier. No... The only way to do that is to change. Anyone can say. Anyone. No, it doesn't mean anything unless you act!

    Do not tell me you're sorry! Do not tell me you will make things better! Do not tell me you will change! Show me you are sorry! Show me things will be better! Show me you will change! An apology is one thing. An action is another!

    Make me proud... No! Don't make me proud! Don't do this for me! Do it for yourself! Do it for every one else that wants to have a fun time RPing! Do it so, when you friends ask, yes! Yes they should join the Town! Yes! Yes it is fun!... Because right now, I'm not sure if I could say that to my friends...

    Yes, right now the Town is enjoyable. And I'm sure you all have even more fun when your characters win, even if it's by God modding. But I have to ask you. Will it be fun when no body likes you anymore? Will it be fun when you're just totally ignored? Will it be fun, when the Tow is deserted!?

    Look, you are all amazing people, outstanding citizens. I like all of you. I would hate to see anyone go. I don't want the town to be dead. I don't want the Town to be like before! I. Wan. It. To. Be. Right! I wanna have fun here, and not have it feel like a chore. Because right now it does. yes, currently for me, most of the time the Town feels like a second job. And I don't want that. And I'm sure you don't either.

    So don't say you're sorry. Don't. Words can not fix the Town. Only actions can. Only if you all work together... Don't do it for me... Don't do it for yourself. Do it for every one else. Any one that's wanted to have fun. Anyone that's wanted to be a part of a community, because their real one isn't so great. Anyone that's every wanted to fit in, because thy don't so much in real life. DO IT FOR THEM! Please... Please...

    My stomach has not improved so I leave you all, once more. Good night. Please make the town a better place. I know you can.

    And Lerky, thank you for your own speech, it has touched me, and made me shed a tear. Thank you for that. I know you can make the town a better place.

    Firstly; I'd like to thank all of you that would like to help. You are all very courageous . This'll be a very long and hard process. And will take a lot of work from everyone. Thank you.

    Secondly; Mee, your idea is good, but flawed. Well yes, it sounds good, if you think about it, it'd worsen the Town. Think. If we were to do this all the good people would be perfect spotless good people. That wouldn't be fun. A man's flaws define him. If everything was black and white; the Town wouldn't be fun, not in my opinion. The town needs to be mainly grey, with a few blacks or whites on either end. All though I do like the idea, I don't think we should do it. Sorry.

    Thirdly; No more being mean to other peoples players OOC, or being mean to their players IC. That's rude. Stop it. Now. I don't mind if you tease another character, yeah, that's life, it happens. But the players making fun of Lerky is wrong, all it will end with is hurt feelings. Stop it. I swear, if I see anymore of these posts; they will be reported, without a second thought, unless both players are telllably okay with it. It's just mean. Please don't do it.

    Fourthly; Stop god modding, it's wrong, totally. No ifs ands or buts. Just stop, and for those that do. Godmod anything, be it characters, backstories, other player's lore.
    STOP IT!
    It's wrong, there's no NO! way to justify it. So top. No.

    For those willing to help, and I thank you so much for helping to save the town. If you think you have a problem with RPing. Forget everything you know, and read this and this. Those are the rules of the town. And the rules of PBP roleplaying. Please take them to heart and learn from them. Please, for the sake of the Town. They. Will. Help. You. They helped me...

    Please take the time. Not to help me have fun... To help you have fun, to help everyone else have fun. To help make people feel like they belong... Please. Help yourself... Help the Town.

    I'm still vomiting, some blood getting in there, deciding to go to the hospital. See y'all later...

    [COLOR="Lime"]I fully agree with you, Mee, just don't have everyone forget what everyone did. That would be very, very bad. Trust me, we tried it on another PBP forum, the forum died it a few weeks.

    I think another problem is, with all the new members, not that there's anything wrong with them, the town is feeling less and less like a tight knit community, which is what I liked about it... I liked knowing every body. It was very fun. And I liked it better than the inn being super crowded.

    Everyone here is awesome. Everyone. This is by far, I swear, the best community on the web, and I love you all... I'd hate to see it fall apart...
    And I couldn't live with my self if I did nothing...

    Now listen to me, as you so kindly have over the past several hours. I swear. I'll do everything in my power to keep the Town alive... I swear. Everything. You all have so kindly offered your help, and I suggest we don't try to fix everything all at once, again, that would be disastrous... We have to take baby steps. I suggest everyone doing three things. One, ignore anyone godmodding or doing something to degrade the town. Two, report anything that is against forum rules, it'll keep the town clean and out of the filth that has brought it down to its current level. Thirdly, sacrifice thy self for others, no, I'm not asking you to kill your character to save another, I'm asking you to give up something that you may like that is wrong, an not do it anymore, for example, Lupy, I know you love just randomly making up backstory for other players location's and characters, but that's not right, that heps kill the Town... So stop things like that. And lastly, take other's criticism to heart. When someone says something you're doing is unenjoyable. Stop it. It'll help the town.

    Now, thank you all for listening to me speak, it's much appreciated. And I love you all for it. Remember, improve thy self and others will follow. Please help the Town. Please help us all... Please, save us from the fate we are nearing. I'd much rather sacrifice some of the fun I have than lose it, lose the Town, lose all you; my friends, completely. So please... Help.

    Darn, went into another speach... And now it's hard to talk/swallow... I should go, before I lose a lung trying to save the Town.

    See ya'll.

    Thanks anyone that took the time to read that... I truly believe if we all work together, we can save the Town. We just have to take baby steps. Anyone that is willing to help, if you see a new member, or an older member, that is doing something wrong. Please tell them they are, and direct them to this post. Hopefully they will learn from it, and improve.

    I would also like to thank those who have supported me. And those of you who have supported me or mayor. I thank you all. And love you all. You're the best people on the internet. And I would hate to see it fall apart.

    For those wondering about my current condition, I'm fine, just returned home about an hour ago. I can't talk, and I'm on an all liquid diet. I actually managed to get in a few hours of sleep last night, which is good.

    I thank you all for trying to help and suggest three more very simple, baby step rules to improve the town. If we all follow the seven rules I have put on the table, I'm sure the Town will improve. One. try and keep the OOC, on any thread to a minimum. It causes the thread to become cluttered, annoying, confusing, boring, and causes flame wars. If you want to have a general chat, please. PLEASE. Use an IM, I recommend Live messengar, it can be found on Secondly. Try to not have overpowered characters, and if yuo do, try and keep them out of fights. Please. It's no fun when it just becomes a pissing contest. Lastly. And I cannot state this enough; DO. NOT. GODMOD. It's a very simple and concept, that anyone can do. If you do not fully understand the concept of goddmodding, or seek help. Read this post by one of the oldest Townies, Vael. Actually, everyone should read this whole thread, and if you already have, read it again, read it 'til you know what you're doing wrong, and what to do to stop it.

    We all know that right now; the Town is withering and dying. An awful fate for the greatest place on the internet... I think another major problem is the lack of awearness... I suggest anyone willing to help puts this in your signature as a link to this post. I will.

    I thank you all for listening and love you all for it. I know we can make the Town a better place.

    Please, everyone, put this in your signature as a link to this post.

    For anyone that does not know, post this in your sig to make an image link.
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