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As far as Kowtow goes... I'm not sure how I feel about breaking through a Paladin's "no fear" and pushing him all the way to "rabid."

Perhaps for creatures immune to fear, it could bring them to a lesser level?
Altered the augmentation to help that.

One question though, is there a precedent in the real world for people fearing things to this extent? Would not diminish this if there wasn't, I'm just curious.
Don't know of any specifically to point to, but I have heard stories at least. Commanders or religious figures that caused such fear in those beneath them that they feared them more than death.

You should make a monster to go along with this. Some kinda super-boggart thing that makes use of the Rabid condition.
Well, sort of did, though at the time hadn't come up with the Rabid ability, but it inspired me to make it now.

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