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    Well here's my stuff. All are for D&D 3.5 edition Except D20 Frog which is my own D20 system.

    My little homebrew setting Contains homebew races
    Viridia A community project I have contributed some things to.
    Floating Worlds A community project which I started.

    Little Dragons

    Base Classes
    Barbarian Fix
    Revised Commoner
    An attempt at fixing the fighter There are many better fixes out there. Like the Bears With Laser's fix
    The Doctor A nonmagical healer class.
    Dragon Shaman fix
    Destroyer A supernaturally empowered warrior.
    Sublime Archer An archery class for ToB.
    Spellblade A warlock styled fighter mage.
    Seer Like the beguiler but for Divination&Abjuration.
    Spellshifter Another fixed list caster. This time for transmutation.

    Master of Materia
    Chaos type PRC:s
    Shadow Blade Assassin
    Farshaper, a contest entry
    Soulpower Disciple
    Mystic Theurge Fix
    Spellword Polyglot
    Shielded of Spell
    Darken Sword
    Iron Sorcerer
    Divine Deceiver
    Fist of the Constructed, a contest entry
    Lariat Witch

    Archer Feats
    Blaster&Evoker Feats
    One Hander Feats

    False Alignment
    Some new Evocations

    Piercing Point A ToB discipline for spear using warblades.
    Falling Mountain The Lightning Bruiser discipline (includes an NPC class).

    House Rules
    Spellcasting failure rate
    Kill the XP cost system. Kill it with fire
    Half-things system
    Bad Feats into Half-Feats Not Ready Yet
    Counterspelling made simple and viable.
    Different XP rates for differently powered classes.

    Other Stuff
    A gnome-made submarine.
    Dragon Shaman Auras
    Expanded Spell Lists for supplemental spellcasters.
    Teleporty Stuff Spells and a PRC
    Derivative Spell Knowledge Sorcerer ACF
    Cleric Domains Light domain and a revised Death domain.
    Traditional Fighter Resource Nice things for non-ToB melee.
    Lesser Enchantments For more interesting low level magic weapons.
    Warlock Invocations Two invocations.

    And holy crap! I have done more stuff than I remembered!
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