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    Default AMEN XXVII: You all saw it, the orphanage attacked US!

    Welcome to AMEN

    Previous Threads:

    AMEN Trophy Case:


    Want to join? Simple::

    1. Wander aimlessly in.
    2. Avoid the random AMENites/HALOers who will attempt to kill you.
    3. Poke one of the current members until they hand you the paperwork.
    4. If the aforementioned current member you poke kills you rather than hands you the paperwork, then you didn't pay attention to step 2. Repeat steps 2 & 3.
    5. Sign the mountain of paperwork, preferably in your own blood, although anyone's blood will do.
    6. Prepare to have had your non-existent soul to have been sold to whoever gave you the legalese our leader-by-default, Lord Walrus the AMEN soul bank for the goodly disinclined.
    7. Congratulations! You're now an official AMENite! Do random stuff! Kill people! Make things asplode, explode, and resplode!

    And if you're just visiting, then please do not leave muddy footprints in the base. Also, please try to avoid bleeding all over the furniture. All those who visit should be aware that AMEN take no responsibility whatsoever for any torture/evil practices/soul stealing/spontaneous combustion/death that may occur to the individual visiting. Srsly.

    AMEN is in a different reality than The Town. It is not a part of The Town, does not cross over into it, and does not follow its rules.
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