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    ďItís mobbiní time!Ē
    - Derek Shepard, a not-so-successful Angry Mob Rioter

    Cabal of witches hex your crops? Ogre in the nearby swamp getting you down? What you need is an angry mob, and fast. Fortunately, that's why angry mob rioters exist. Angry mob rioters specialize in turning the most docile townsfolk into a crazed, justice-seeking mass.

    Angry mob rioters can arise anywhere. They tend to be charismatic, well-liked, and with some amount of authority. Most come from towns where adventurers are a common occurrence; for wherever there are adventurers, there's bound to be trouble. Angry mob rioters usually start as commoners or experts, but some take levels in bard to augment their abilities.

    Feats: Leadership
    Skills: Diplomacy 3 Ranks

    Class Skills
    The Class Name's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Bluff (Cha), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Listen (Wis), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), and Spot (Wis).
    Skills Points at Each Level: 4 + int

    Hit Dice: d6

    {table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

    | Rally the Crowd
    | Torches and Pitchforks
    | Rally the Crowd (Greater Heights)
    | Theyíre Getting Away!
    | Rally the Crowd (Fast Talkiní)[/table]

    Weapon Proficiencies: Angry Mob Rioters do not gain or lose any weapon or armor proficiencies.

    Rally the Crowd (Ex): The primary talent of the Angry Mob Rioter is to inspire a crowd of people into something greater than the sum of its parts. This requires one full minute of speaking. At the end of this period, the Rioter makes a single Diplomacy check; any creature that heard the Rioter speak and has its attitude improved to Helpful or better becomes part of the Mob (see ďAngry Mob,Ē below). A Rioter needs at least four additional humanoid creatures to form an angry mob. Angry Mobs last for 1 hour per class level, and can never have more Hit Dice than the Rioter has character levels.
    If the Rioter is killed or knocked unconscious before the Angry Mob is dispersed, the Mob attacks the creature that dealt the final blow until that creature is knocked unconscious or killed, or the Mob is dispersed.
    As long as a Rioter is within 20 feet of an Angry Mob he creates, the Rioter gains a Morale bonus on Intimidate checks equal to the Mobís HD.
    At 3rd level and higher, an Angry Mob Rioter gains a Morale bonus on attack rolls equal to his class level for as long as he remains within 20 feet of his Mob.
    At 5th level, the Rioter can form an Angry Mob after only a full round of speaking.

    Torches and Pitchforks (Ex): At 2nd level, the Rioter becomes able to wield improvised weapons without the normal -4 penalty on attack rolls. A Rioter can deal 1d6 points of damage with an improvised weapon at 2nd level, plus the Rioterís Strength Modifier. At 4th level, this damage increases to 1d8.

    Theyíre Getting Away! (Ex): At 4th level, the Angry Mob Rioter gains a +10 bonus to his base land speed.

    The Angry Mob
    A Rioterís Mob works as a single creature, as detailed below.
    Size and Type: An Angry Mob is of the Humanoid type, and possesses the [Swarm] Subtype. An Angry Mob begins at size Large, but increases its size category by one (up to a maximum of Colossal) for every four Hit Dice it gains. Because the creatures composing the Mob are at least Small size, an Angry Mob is not resistant to weapon attacks.
    Speed: Angry Mob has a base land speed of 20 feet.
    Hit Dice: An Angry Mob has 1d8 Hit Dice per creature forming it. The Angry mobís Base Attack Bonus is equal to that of a Cleric with a level equal to the Mobís Hit Dice.
    Hit Points: An Angry Mob gains 1d8 + Con Modifier Hit Points per Hit Die. If an Angry Mob is reduced to 0 Hit Points, the mob disperses.
    Armor Class: An Angry Mobís AC is equal to 10 + the Angry Mobís Dexterity bonus.
    Attacks: The Angry Mob has a ďmobĒ attack. Any creature that begins or ends its turn in the same square as a mob takes damage.
    Damage: An Angry Mobís ďmobĒ attack deals damage based on its HD. Mobs of 1-4 HD deal 2d6 points of bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage. Mobs of 5-9 HD deal 3d6 points of damage, 10-14 HD deal 4d6 points of damage, and 15-20 deal 5d6 points of damage.
    Saves: An Angry Mob has base Fortitude, Reflex, and Will saving bonuses equal to that of a Wizard with a level equal to the Mobís Hit Dice.
    Abilities: An Angry Mob begins with a base of 10 in all of its ability scores. For every Hit Die that the Mob has, the Mobís Strength and Constitution scores increase by 1. For every two Hit Dice possessed by the Mob, the Mobís Dexterity and Wisdom increase by 1.
    Skills: An Angry Mob gains no skill points, but gains a racial bonus on Intimidate, Listen, Spot, and Survival checks equal to 3 + the Mobís Hit Dice.
    Feats: The Angry Mob gains Track as a bonus feat. Angry Mobs do not gain feats normally.
    Special Abilities: A Rioterís Angry Mob gains special abilities, as described below, based on the Rioterís levels. A Rioterís Angry Mob gains all of the abilities of its current level as well as the special abilities of all previous levels. All abilities are Extraordinary abilities.
    {table=head]Character Level | Ability
    8th-10th | Witch Hunt, Beat it With a Stick
    11th-13th | Not in Our Town!
    14th-16th | Vigilante Justice
    17th-19th | Itís Got Earl!
    20th | Everyday Heroes[/table]

    Witch Hunt: Spellcasters are often the bane of innocent townsfolk, and as such an Angry Mob becomes especially aggressive when fighting a Wizard, Sorcerer, or other creature that can cast spells. Spellcasters must make a Concentration check (DC10 + the Angry mobís HD) to cast spells while in an Angry Mobís space, or within 5 feet of an Angry Mob.
    Beat it With a Stick: Lacking magical weapons or special materials, Angry Mobs resort to sheer tenacity when faced with enemies whose Damage Reduction they cannot overcome (such as special materials, or alignment subtypes). When a creature with Damage Reduction that the Mob cannot overcome is affected by the Angry Mobís ďmobĒ attack, the ďmobĒ damage increases by an amount equal to the Angry Mobís Strength modifier x1.5.
    Not in OUR Town!: Angry mobs are especially good at keeping out unwanted visitors. The spaces that an Angry Mob occupies, and all adjacent squares, count as Difficult Terrain.
    Vigilante Justice: Angry Mobs take the law into their own hands. A Rioter can choose to have his Angry Mob deal non-lethal damage at will. Angry Mobs also gain a bonus on Use Rope checks equal to its Hit Dice.
    Itís Got Earl!: Angry Mobs become enraged by attempts to harm one of their own. When an Angry Mob is reduced to ĺ of its Hit Points, the Angry Mob gains a +2 Morale Bonus to Armor Class, and a +2 Morale Bonus on ďmobĒ damage. When Reduced to Ĺ HP, these bonuses increase to +4, and at ľ HP these bonuses increase to +8. These bonuses last until the mob is dispersed or healed.
    Everyday Heroes: An Angry Mob Rioter that stands in a square that his Mob gains a Shield bonus to Armor Class equal to Ĺ the Mobís Hit Dice as his allies work feverishly to protect him. An Angry Mob Rioter can also designate allies to gain this benefit, up to as many could fit in the Mobís space.

    Your care about the community at large, and are the first to jump to action when trouble arises.
    Combat: You are best in a fight when prepared. You rarely enter a fight without fore-thought and planning. Once in combat, you prefer to direct your more-than-capable group of friends and followers on how to fight than actually do it yourself. At higher levels, your ability to wield Improvised Weapons effectively means that you will rarely be caught in a bad situation without a chance.
    Advancement: Your primary role is a negotiator. You speak on behalf of your people to nobles and tax-payers; it is you who travels to the Kingís court when your community is in need. And if those pompous aristocrats canít see it your way, you always have your friends to back you upÖ
    Resources: Your biggest resource is the community from which you hail. Since you are expected to deal with situations that others cannot, they are often willing to pay you back with what they can. You may hold many favors with the people of your town.

    I donít remember exactly. One minute, I was looting this old womanís house- I mean, címon, itís not like she was gonna need the stuff in a few years anyway- and all of a sudden Iím on the ground getting kicked repeatedly by EVERYONE. The old woman especially.Ē
    - Merrik, an adventurer

    Daily Life: Angry Mob Rioters do not lead abnormal lives. They go about their business as usual as farmers or fishermen or what-have-you.
    Notables: There are possibly few and possibly many notable Rioters. Commoners form mobs so often that its hard to tell if any has actually taken this class or not.
    Organizations: There are no organizations for Angry Mob Rioters. They stick to their own communities.


    Adaptation: This class needs little adaptation. If you decide to allow Mobs of types other than human, then the Mob changes type and statistics to reflect this.
    Encounters: PCs will likely come face-to-faces with a Rioter and his Mob if they, well, act like adventurers. If your PCs simply decide that they can do whatever they want to a poor town of commoners just because theyíre commoners, it may be time for the Rioter to show them whatís what.
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