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    Tribble, your dog is ugly. I mean seriously, that's a hideous dog in that image there. Makes me shudder both because it's ugly, and because it reminds me that there's actually a movie about chihuahuas out right now...which is terrifying all its own.


    The alignment seems a bit unmatched with the fluff and with its abilities. This definitely seems like a good-aligned creature:
    • It defends others, probably to its detriment
    • It can heal others
    • They're specially keyed to hurt undead and evil outsiders more
    • It can sense possession by ghosts and demons, and goes out of its way to drive out such possessing spirits (based on the EL 15 encounter)

    I know that it's only got an Int of 2, but it seems like it's a creature born of good energies to begin with, and should accordingly still be a good creature.

    Lemures, for example, have no intelligence yet are still Lawful Evil; dretches and vargouilles only have an Int of 5 yet are still evil, and any creature you apply the Fiendish or Half-Fiend templates to get a minimum Int of 3 but are (usually) considered evil.

    It just seems like this should be good by virtue of its origins and intended purpose, regardless of whether or not it understands those origins and purpose.

    Also: Apparently I'm the only person besides the WoTC guy(s) who designed it who doesn't hate the "3.75" method of stat blocks. I'm more used to the old ones, sure, and will keep using them because I know them...but there's definitely some ways that this stat block is an improvement. For starters, I think it's a bit more accessible; it doesn't look like such a wall of text.
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