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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnor Criol View Post
    Tribble, your dog is ugly. I mean seriously, that's a hideous dog in that image there. Makes me shudder both because it's ugly, and because it reminds me that there's actually a movie about chihuahuas out right now...which is terrifying all its own.
    You mean you don't look at that pic and have the incredible urge to rub yourself down with it?

    And, eh, I might make it Good aligned. Was thinking more along the lines of the deity that sent it is good and so it acts that way, but dretches are a good example of the opposite of that.

    For starters, I think it's a bit more accessible; it doesn't look like such a wall of text.
    No... more like a disjointed pile of rubble that used to be a wall.

    I like the lore sections though.
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