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You mean you don't look at that pic and have the incredible urge to rub yourself down with it?
Yes. Yes, that's exactly the urge I get. Except slightly different, like the COMPLETE OPPOSITE.

I like the way it's organized better, I think. Grouping things like all the senses together at the top, then there's sort of a 'defensive' section, then an 'offensive' section, then the skills and abilities - it just groups things in a bit easier-to-quickly-access way, I think, which is better for the flow of the game (less time spent looking at whether or not that last attack hit or what its save is).

But if you're incredibly accustomed to the older style, (as someone as prolific a homebrewer as you would be) that's a nonissue; once someone knows it well enough, there's no time spent searching, you know precisely where to look.