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    Quote Originally Posted by BurntOfferings View Post
    It's not in the later strips, either.
    Now included under blooper #26. Thanx.

    Quote Originally Posted by Godskook View Post
    The way I see that comic, there isn't a continuity problem...
    Panel 5: Gives up and grabs knife for defense.
    Panels 6,7: Takes opportunity while dwagon is distracted to get huge sword instead...
    That is highly unlikely; she is in a precarious position; in panel 5 she is shown holding a dagger as Ansom begins his attack; in panel 6 Ansom finishes his attack; in panel 7 Jillian is holding something in the exact same position as the dagger in panel 5. Also, it violates the law of conservation of detail: why would she be shown drawing Chekhov's dagger in panel 5, if not to use it?
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