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That is highly unlikely; she is in a precarious position; in panel 5 she is shown holding a dagger as Ansom begins his attack; in panel 6 Ansom finishes his attack; in panel 7 Jillian is holding something in the exact same position as the dagger in panel 5. Also, it violates the law of conservation of detail: why would she be shown drawing Chekhov's dagger in panel 5, if not to use it?
I'll grant the 'precarious position' part. I'm not too familiar with "Chekhov's dagger" or "The law of conservation of detail", but sometimes, an author includes non-plot details for the shear fact that such details are completely what 'happened'. I see this as a case of that. Jillian grabs a reserve dagger because a warrior of her caliber always has a reserve dagger, not because it furthers the plot, and by the same token, when given the opportunity, she grabs her main weapon again because a warrior that good is trained to do just that. I know I've read stories before where there were details that kinda just were, and I enjoyed them more for it.

Besides, from the narrative, it seems as if Ansom/Vinny were able to mop up everything without Jillian, so if conservation of detail is important, why show what is happening to her at all?