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Sounds Chaotic-Neutral to me!

I classified him as half chaotic-stupid because C/S is a common term to refer to people who take being chaotic way to far, to the point where it starts to get slightly annoying. You said it yourself: Q's an ass who hardly actually ever helps out the group.

EDIT EDIT: Also, Sorry to The Q if I came of as a jerk there. I thought you intended him to be Chaotic-Stupid in that he got in everyone's way all the time. You youself said he was very annoying. I probably could've chosen better words, though. I think the God of pestering/being a kid sitting on an anthill at midday with a magnifying glass and smug grim on his face would work better.
Actually, you're right too. I suppose, if that's the way you describe it, Q is choatic stupid. He has his reasons, though.

I apologize for getting all defensive. As it turns out, I was wrong about my own character. He is an ass.